Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"


everybody dance!
yaaaaay yaaaay yaaaaay
...my anus is bleeding
yaaaay yaaaaaay yaaaaay
yaaaay yaaaay yaaaay
for the love of all that is holy MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!
yaaaay yaaaay yaaaay
waaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *drowns*
good song lol


good job i think you should do a remix of the ballad of the wind fish

Wow ^^

That Gerudo-Theme is one of my favorite zelda-themes - what could be seen as a bonus for you. ;) In fact there is nothing bad about your remix and you reached one goal that only a small part of VG-music-remixes reaches: There is enough diversion in it to entertain the listener. E.g. the augmentation during the remix is well done. :-) It's 9/10 cause there cpuld have been a bit more action at the end - just one step further and it would be perfect. :-)

Nice Job after all!

Greetings from Germany.
(Language-mistakes? Me? Huh? ;-) )


Sounds like a futuristic version of OoT... seems more fitting for the rumored modernized Zelda game for the Wii

brkzeld responds:

Thats actually the sound I was goin for...You win!

Could be a little more upbeat.

But an amazing remix, nonetheless.