Reviews for "kat"




Your comment was not very detailed so I am trying my best to review this with a lack of material info. It has a certain digital arts look about it, but I can honestly say I have never seen a digital Caricature. I like Caricature drawings because they capture real things but display them in a cartoon format, I have heard it is hard to become a Caricature artist. The composition and the detail are great. The octopus (even if it is an inside joke) seems to off balance the tone of the image. Keep doing a good job.

Pretty neat stuff.

Nice detail on the hair I must say. What program was this in? Photoshop? Actually I noticed if you look closely in the shades you can see the octopus. Nice. Keep up the good work!


its all right

This is really cool

The colours, the shading, the 3-D of it all, is really quite cool. The pinky looks a little over exhagerated, but then again, this whole thing looks a bit over exhagerated, so anyway, all in all, I think this is a great piece of art. I wish I had a friend that would draw me lol