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Styleless Ranger!

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Author Comments

* First of all, I'd like to tell you that the name of this flash should be "Styleless Troop". The Chinese letters on top of the main menu write "Styleless Troop". This is perfectly a Parody to the Japanese and US Ranger films, satirizing how stupid, boring and styleless are those movies. A gang of stupid enemy troopers at the beginning, then a badly desighed boss, and using 'combined ultimate attack' to defeat it at the end....the monster then somehow received dark power and is somehow enlarged, and the rangers call in reinforcement, transform, combine and kill the crap, finally.

So, anyone who claimed this game is styleless or have given a tend-to-zero-score in 'style' in review, please be awared.

For the one who don't really know Japanese:

Arrow up: Jump
Arrow Left/Right : Move left/right
Double Arrow Left/Right : Dash left/right
Z : Normal attack
X : Special Move
C : Character change (with assistant attack when SP is sufficient)
Down Arrow+X : Special move 2
Up Arrow+X : Jump Special move
(Dashing)+X : Dash Special move

The Red ranger can make up to 3 hit combos with sword, which have great range and good damage. The blue one can make up to 4 hits combo with katar, with shorter range and worse damage. The yellow one can only make 2 hits combo with hammer, but possess greatest damage among 3 rangers.

Arrow down + C : Character changing without assistant attack.

When enemies are some distance apart from you, a red scope will appear on them. Pressing 'X' at that moment will trigger shooting attack. Laser gun for Red ranger, double handgun for Blue and bazooka for yellow.

When a Level is completed, charge your SP level (the yellow bar) full and double press 'C' to finish off the boss.
A battle between a dumb-looking robot and the enlarged monster will begin.
C (in robot form) : Defend

There is time-limit in each level. Check the blue bar on top of the screen.

There are couples of levels. Beware that the game is far from completed after level 1.

* For anyone who accused that this game is stolen, I need to announed that this game is by a friend of mine. I find it worth putting here and that's the reason why it was here. For any brilliant flash-maker who want to partner with him, I am sorry to say that he is not too familiar with English. And for those who are complaining about "How come a chinese make a Japanese game? That must be stolen!" I hope you can save your precious sense of justice for other purposes. Sorry to say that this flash is not by me.

I would happy if everyone could kindly vote on the quality of the flash, other than giving it '0' and reviewing cursing words just because it is not in English or suspect of being stolen. Like the words by Tom, please vote on the quality.

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these game is a lameesh for us loser who put these on

ya know this reminds me of a other game.

u know theres a game like this only in english and it has the same weapons rules guns monsters emays attacks and bosses and the robot with the 3 guys this is maybe a copy or the 3rd version of it after the zombie one.hey can someone pm me the link for the game i forgot where to play it

know this game

i know in this game u can also be a silver ranger which i like

good job

except when I beat the turtle guy in the robot (megazord) I can'tdo anything

Hmm...good, but not great

Thanks for listing the directions in your summary-thing. At least you had the decency, props to you. The reason I can't score higher is because the robot boss is WAY too hard. I mean, I'm sitting there with 1/8 of my health left, and he's got 3/4. Iron out a few difficulty wrinkles, and you'll have a solid beat em' up. Reminds me of the old Super Nintendo Power Rangers game.