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SB Stage 1

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Author Comments

Please let me know if there are any bugs. :) thanks.

- (5/22/2003) READ THE TUTORIAL FIRST. There are some changes from the demo version.

- (5/28/2003) Life power up can be used from the Item Menu. You have to pause the game first in order to use the items. :) If you are smart enough, you can find the menu button to click. So, health powerups work. Don't complain that they don't. :)

- (5/29/2003) Hint: Use space bar to run. Run a lot, dude, if you want to move fast.

- (5/29/2003) Play stage 2 here --> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=99314

- (6/3/2003) I see the problem about lagging. My computer is 2.4 GHz , that's why I don't see the problem. Then I just test my game with 500 MHz computer, it just runs so damn slow. Sorry folks. heheheh ... I recommend using fast computer to play this game. Maybe 1 GHz up.

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Can't beat the boss

I've tried, but I can't beat the boss. Also, I notice that sometimes my attacks are lagging. Like when I fought the boss, I tried using my special when it was all the way full, but nothing happened. I also noticed that running isn't working on mine. He just goes at the same speed as usual. Please, make the boss a little easier or at least add a health bar so we know how close we are.