My english essay on MONEY

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This is an english assinment i made, cuz i dont want to do an oral speech. Its 7 minutes long, and i kept the file size pretty small....i worked on it for a week and thats basically what i did all day. the begining is supposed to be funny/learn, and around the end is quoting 5 people off a survey i took on them. enjoy....

UPDATE* most of my spelling errors are fixed!

UPDATE2* AHHH I SUCK! i had to update alot cuz A. TO DAMN LONG! cut off a part. and B. SPELLING!

BUNNY FROM TINY TOONS~!! in the beginning, it said starring a bunny, story created by zach. i didnt make bunny...fools



So this is movie about bad grafic dollar and Buster??? .....
I bored almost in beginning i made it to the point when the dollar started reading those stupid letters. I though this is comedy but this is crappy animation without any sense at all. "You get payment bla b bla bla stickman brough hotels bla bla bla bla bla lol i am a dollar bla bla bla blabla....." There is no point!! And Buster isn't greed, you should put Montana Max instead.

If this is somehow good video, I am Elvis Presley and Family Guy is better than The Simpsons. >:(


P.S. 2 stars are for pity


You cannot live without money or some sort of currency. It's just not possible because people would just take and take and take and it will indeed turn into a " vicious cycle ." Anywho I think it is mandatory that society has a form of currency to trade for, but think about this; say that we still traded goods for goods or goods for services, ( vice versa?). So say I have alot of grains because my family has many agricultural produce, if I want something that only one person can provide, but my produce isnt what he needs to support his family because he already has enough of that supply.. then I would be very well screwed wouldnt I? You could always trade money because it's just as good for the other person because that person can trade it for goods. Everyone would accept a payment of money because most shops in a market would not take goods for their goods. Is my point clear? Money is the cornerstone of having a civililized society and keeps the trade cycle in place so it doesnt come clattering down, what would happen then? Imagine a country without an economy... it would be absolute pandemonium. There would be no peice and there would be stealing everywhere.... think about that.


Not a bad falsh... or lecture. I don't think that money really makes me feel secure though.. I mean, haveing a fifty dollar bill in my pocket doesn't really protect me from a bullet, hell, I might even get shot for my money. I also feel that we don't need money to live, before we had money we traded items, not steal them. Money is just a quicker way of recieving things so you don't have to find someone who wants what you have to give. Also, getting payed for your job is a way of rewarding people for their actions of helping in our socitey. And one more thing, how does this guy loseing his hotel chain because he has poor marketing skills have anything to do with money. Fun and interesting video though.

Hadji-San responds:

yeah that one chick said it..i agree on that what you said. thanks for review

Kinda pointless...

Now don't get me wrong, it was good enough. Voices were well done as was the animation. kinda ironic how the bill agrees money is purely of superficial value, considering he is money himself. However, i believe the quality of this flash to be lowered since it appears to be somewhat childish. More suited for a younger audience besides the one swear word at the beggining.
Focus your efforts on more...well, actually-less thoughtful material. More senseless violence, crude jokes and explicit, adult-themes would be better for the Newgrounds community.


That was interesting, but kinda long.

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May 19, 2003
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