(old vers)Dead Rain 3

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Here is part 3. Again make sure you watch parts 1 & 2 before viewing this one.
WARNING: !This movie is Graphic Intensive, and will run slow on Crappy Machines.!

let me know what you think.


This was your best work yet.

Alright, this was better than the first two. The whole thing had a Resident Evil fell to it, with your own kick. Seeing how you've improved just through this series, I'm looking foward to your future work. Good job man.


this was really good too all three of them are, nice work

HAH! great!

much better! i do agree w/ maelstrom about the bullet casings though. too bad he ran outa ammo. excelent animation with them getting all cut to shit and all. its obvious that lots of time went into this series. a few questions though..
1) why did you kill off his partner so soon? it's usually better to save that shit for the end in a giant melee or something...
2) where the hell is all this taking place?? if its just the factory murdoc went to then how the hell is he gunna win!? you better make that explanation good in #4...
3) where are all the zombies coming from... are they attracted to his living flesh or something??
anyways.. maybe i shouldnt ask questions.. keep up the good work and the lvl 10 violence!

SickDeathFiend responds:

1) Hes not his partner, why dont you actually watch the prologue and find out?Clemens(the blonde hair guy) is just a local colonist on that planet.
he has no combat training.
2)Where is it taking place? OMG! READ THE GODAMN PROLOGUE!! jesus christ! it tells you everything your asking!
3) LOL! where are the zombies coming from? the prologue explains that to!
the Rain carries the virus and has turned the planets population into zombies..
and yes they are attracted to warm flesh.Next time watch it all so you wont have these already answered questions. thanks

not horrible

i watched the whole series. graphically its not too bad. the heros though are so cliche typical ordinary heros, they arent interesting at all. the zombies, arent really threatening, although you really seem to enjoy drawing the gore, you kind of over did it, you devoted almost an entire episode to zombies devourering a man. i also hate how dangerous slow moving, unintelligent, nearly defensless zombies are, to somebody with a shotgun and and pistol that shoots like a machine gun. also, why are there casings ejecting from the pistol, the clip is like energy bullets it looks like and if not, its waaay to small to hold all those shots.
keep trying and think about your plot and stuff more in the future

SickDeathFiend responds:

ZOmbies not threatening? I thought part 2 showed how "threatening" they are..
All of them are not slow moving, One of the mutated ones ran at Riggs*the hero*
As for the guns, Its IN THE FUTURE!!
they have better tech.
They do not shoot energy blasts. The bullets are compressed in the clip using advanced tech, which is why he is able to hold so much.and why the clip looks weird.
Also his handgun sized 'machinegun' is another example of advanced tech.Remeber this is in the FUUUTUREEE weeee magic !



Most. Awesome. Line. Ever.

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Apr 28, 2003
2:46 PM EDT
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