Stone Trek: Episode 1

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The Deadly Ears - Part 1

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trekstones meet the trekstones!

still funny to this day

I do miss the website since it had every episode on there, please bring it back

Great Cartoon Style!

This flash really surprised me in pretty much everyway possible. The little music tracks and sound effects were very good especially with the first scene showing Fred Flinstone in his futuristic suite. The voice acting was also very well done in every single character. When the one guy says "I'm a doctor, not a Q-Tip" and I heard that laugh track play that really brought me back to the good old times keep up the excellent work man. The timing was very nicely done and really was successful in bringing back the excellent old style of Hanna-Barberra back. It feels like I was just watching Huckleberry Hound or The Flinstones.

The opening could have started with a much more interesting plot like maybe some more background information of what "Sprok" and his team were doing.

An excellent flash that really succeeds in bringing an old style cartoon back to life keep up the great work man this flash also has some good comedy in it.

-TY Reviews


This movie does a brilliant job of melding the subjects of Star Trek and The Flintstones together in a fantastic way! It manages to use all of the stereotypical Flintstones tropes such as the canned laughter and random cutaways to a dinosaur
making a terrible punchline of a joke. And it's perfect!

The Star Trek aspect of this doesn't go to waste however, getting a redshirt joke in in the very first minute! The impressions of the crew are pretty spot on too, as I found myself chuckline away at the over the top Shatner and spot on Bones impersonations!

It'll be interesting to see how this story develops and if the strong humour can prevail in the coming episodes!

So it starts!

You are a genius for merging two of the most popular franchises of all time! While I frequently watched "The Flintstones", I only saw the 2009 "Star Trek" movie, but that was one of my favorite movies. It's interesting how you combined elements from both shows. The flash works in kind of a pardoxical way because it's Stone Age and future technology at the same time. Wait, isn't that a description of Present Day technology? The colors and effects were amazing too.

It seems exactly like an authentic Hanna Barbara cartoon showing how much talent you guys have. The funniest part was the joke about him wearing clothes when it wasn't covering his ears. Everyone seems to be really in character in relation to the Star Trek show. You never know what to expect in these cartoons, like evil alien bees! It's a perfect blend of sitcom and science fiction.

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2001
10:07 AM EST
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