Chemical Mother

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On the loading screen it shows you a preview of what is to come so you can decide if you want to watch it or not it is only short so you might as well load it. CHEMICAL MOTHER FOREVER!!

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absolutely the most terrible thing on newgrounds. Learn to take the time to make something good, or do the world a favor by destroying your computer


There is so much wrong with this, man. Even if you considered the possibility that Ronny McDonny could breast-feed(?!), its still messed up. Flaming everybody who hates your work isn't going to help, either--it only shows your own ignorance. Bad idea, start to finish, combined with an obvious lack of maturity, combine to get my easy zero.
Before you submit another movie, please grow up, if only to make yourself NOT look like an idiot.

Good graphs...

don't mean it's good!


Well.. that was.. interesting..
I cant say I really, "get it," but I'm sure it meant something to you, so thats all that matters I suppose.
Nice job on the animation, but I think it would have been a LOT more funny than it was if there was more to it.
Good luck with future cartoons and what not.

Moldy-Worp responds:

thx but i was board and i had a picture of ronald so i thought i would make it into something and i was not really trying that hard


This is supposed to make someone hate mcdonalds? a random pic shown over and over in a loop? whatever man...

Moldy-Worp responds:

Movies by JenovaLife:
- none -
so go suck ians dick faget!

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2.00 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2003
8:42 PM EDT
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