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Fantastic Flea

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I just realised how dodgy the speed is online im trying to remove it now (can you remove your files????? if so please tell me!)

I realised that i hadnt seem enough/any platform games based on the secret lives of fleas and their pool ball collecting habits.....Voila!

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dude c'mon

I thought fleas could jump?

makes me wonder

if that flea was on the moon how high could he jump. surreal... and i can't help but think smokey joe had some hand in the creation of this project but... whatever... i like it.


Probably one of the smallest characters in a game I have ever seen. You need some sort of sound, and is it even possible to go anywhere? It kept not letting me pass to go anywhere.


I like it

I recommend fixing the hit detection (maybe that's what you meant by dodgy speed?) and adding some sound. This is a fun game, but why are there extra pool balls in places that are seemingly certain death? Or am I missing something? (1st stage by the first pit, 2nd over the middle of the blender).

Pretty interesting...

A few critiques though:

1. When you jump from a lower platform to a higher one, you keep going when you land until you reach the point horizontally where you would land if you were jumping on a level surface (this causes you to fall off the other end of the higher platform fairly often, and can get rather frustrating on the blender level.) If you were able to put in some kind of code that stops horizontal movement when the ground stops vertical movement (you already seem to have this working for if you hit a ceiling) it would be a lot better.

2. In the third level, if you hit the spider a few times and then just sit there, it will eventually lose the rest of its legs out of the blue and just kind of hover there. The gate will then open as though you'd killed it (this happened the first time I got there.)

3. Any chance we could see a slightly better range on the fireballs?

It's pretty good though. Takes a bit of getting used to, watching a main character that's that small, but you do get used to it...

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2003
8:34 PM EDT

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