120fps spin YEAH!

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A great movie i made YEAH!

I don't know if anyone has attempted this before(please tell me if they have)but this movie runs 120 frames per second creating the smoothest you can get in flash. The WARMING UP sequence supposedly adjusts you to the smooothness and then we ROCK!


UPDATE: Yes i agree that some parts are crap. It took me 1 night while i was experimenting with 120 fps

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Very poor. You should do some more frame by frame work and not shape tweening in order to make it better. Also, you pick a different song and keep the background the same (or better yet, draw houses, clouds and trees. A story would be good as well.

1/5 (aren't you lucky you got my 50th review)

Well, it wasn't ALL bad.

You coulda used a different song (although how many songs with a 120 FPS dancing line?) but everything else was pretty good. I liked gandalf118's idea about some project ideas... I can't wait to see what you do...

it was shit....

its just a bunch of motion tweening and other basics of flash.

you are the WORST Flash maker in existance

what you made , is THE MOST SIMPlE THING IN FLASH


omg , and everyone thinks youre good?


you dumb noob.

go learn how to Draw for a change.

my mother can make better tweens than you

this should be blammed.

that sucked balls

that was completely retarded none of it was good at all im suprised you got people to vote anything but a zero but the thing i cant believe the most is it wasnt banned because that sucked

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Mar 30, 2003
7:11 PM EST
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