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Author Comments

I did the skripting on this so one in a hendred will win at this game at random, if you win a few times in a row yur very lucky.

are you a winner?


I got an answer for u bitch

I read your response to one of my reviews, how you would rather drink from the dick of a goat that read another one of my reviews, and you DID read another one of my reviews. Two, since you're reading this one as well.Good day to you.Plus, the flash sucks your transvestite mother's dick, and then the flash gets ass rammed by your seven gay dogs and then cuts itself while sitting in RuPaul(aka YOU)'s personal closet while smelling his shirts.


eddiebalin responds:

One time, I was walking my dog in the park at 8 A.M and I stumbled upon two filthy, 60 year old tramps engaging in Anal sex.

Neither were wearing any trousers and the one bent over the park bench with the beard had some sort of bowl problum in that he was "Leaking" from his ass while it was being rammed.

They were very noisy and after about 10 seconds, they broke off and the bearded one proceeded to turn around and lick the cock clean of his waste.

That was the shittiest, gayest thing I had ever seen.

Until I read yur revew.

Now go suffocate in your huge herpes infested vagina, you fat ass saggy-titted cow.


I chuckled a bit, but that's cuz I'm gay.

eddiebalin responds:

Have you evur been arrested by the "gay police"?


someone should call the fucking gay police on you mate you haVE GOT FUCKING ISSUES!!!

ps rot in hell you sicko

eddiebalin responds:

Hey kids... it's time to learn new words!

Today's word is Feltcher: A person who drinks cum from his/her partner's asshole usually via an auxillary aparatus such as a straw or radiator hose.

As in "jimmybombimmy is a feltcher" !

Lol! funny!

caught by gay police...lol.
this ....in fact...all of your flash movies(except FDA) cheer me up when Im mad at my parents. Like today, they all treat me like shit for no reason whatsoever.
My parents should be reported to the gay police!
whats their number?

eddiebalin responds:


P.S. I had nothing to do with the 'movie" FDA.

YFC did that peice of shit and gave me credit as co-auther.

2 words


eddiebalin responds:

1 word:


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Credits & Info

1.15 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2003
2:44 PM EST