Renegade Smurf

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It's the Smurf! I drew every frame and scanned it in. Drawn during biology. Watch him dance with happiness!


Oh powers that be.....

Oh powers that be, please will that this 10 shalt appease this "artist" and he won't have any desires to make another film like this. If he does happen to draw another frame by frame in his notebook during biology, please for the love of the powers that be, will that a student spills acid on it and destorys this horrible mutation some would dare call art. Thank you, oh powers that be.

not bad

how many frames is this and how long did it take you? just curious. not bad though it looks nothing like a smurf. some sort of sound would be great too.

oh man that sucked!

thats the most pathetic thing iv seen i a long time, ur just lookin to get made fun of. it dont even look loke a smerf..... i just dont see the pont, im suprised it has not been blammed yet.


that was the dumis fucking thing i have ever seen. you cant even draw you fucking numb skull. i could draw better with my ass.

the fuck was that?

holy shit....even i could make something better. I said COULD....not would.

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2.12 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2003
8:43 PM EST
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