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One Ring to Rule ThemAll2

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“One Ring to Rule Them All” was the first movie I summited to Newgrounds, and it also won me my first award. Now nearly a year later, here is a cleverly named sequel “One Ring to Rule Them All 2!” In that year I was surprised to see very little really good Lord of the Rings spoofs... so I hope this movie changes that. Enjoy!


1) This movie contains a RETURN OF THE KING spoiler. However this movie departs so much from the novel that only one real detail is addressed.
2) You might want to watch Part 1, just so you get the whole “RULE THEM ALL” gag.
3) Yes, Lenard Nimoy really sang that song. There is a video. It's the best video ever. Watch it now.
4) If the sound lags, press the pause button and then the play one. That should fix it.

***Flash Movie #9***

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Sometimes I come back to Newgrounds and it's like stepping into a time machine. Simpsons and Harry Potter might still be a thing, but the feel of it back then is just naturally different .

Before the days of YouTube, those names, Knox, Legendary Frog, Fat-Pie, Egoraptor, and so on, were the pinnacle of Internet entertainment.

Excellent work, I love Gollum!!

lol i just found the "hobbit" song on youtube last month!
dude! i can recite the last few sentinces easly thats how much i used to watch this!!! XD

lol i loved it!!! made me laugh!! =)


I though it was "To rule Themall" As in the "themall" WAS THE MALL!