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John's Arm 3

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Here it is- the third chapter in the JA trilogy. Again, this was done before I discovered NG, so you may still have some issues with sound, image quality in places, etc. This one took a full 3 months to do. Plus, there's a lame little Easter egg somewhere in the movie. You shouldn't have too hard a time finding it.

So please enjoy, at long last, John's Arm vs. Lefty. And thanks to Tom Fulp for creating a space for my stuff where people will actually see it, and to everybody who's voted me up to Portal awards and has sent such encouraging messages. And sorry about the big file size.

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That was truly funny! I think the best part was how these two stories were completely separate. They had no interaction whatsoever! You would think with the show's superhero premise, it would. I would like to have a penis like that. The voices were great too.

You seemed to have really unique designs in this. I just love the way the hand "talks". It was weird to have a link of this same cartoon on your own website! This is certainly unpredictable. This is just a great series.

Super Dick!!!

A super hero dick would be pretty awesome. The only negative to it is if John hates his arm when it leaves him, wouldn't it be annoying if he was having sex and his dick had to go off and save the world? That would be really annoying. Unless he had two dicks, but I don't want to imagine that. You also get bonus for using Frankenstein, the best psychedelic instrumental rock solo next to Echoes!

Now to the fourth (I'm adding the first three to my favs.)


thats the best movie i've seen on newgrounds and is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"DAMN YOUR NACHOS!!!". LOL!!!!!I love that part


great ilm loved the ending very funny ^_^