Free as a Bird

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This is about a guy who thinks he can become a bird, including it's freedom

I worked on it all night, 'cause it was litterly made frame by frame, on top of that, the coloring was also made frame by frame.

Don't Blam this. sorry 'bout tha sound, man.

I made a better ending, watch.


very good

that was amazing! My mouth was open the entire time!

amazing! i look foreward to more


hey lookie i found this on that random flash thingy anyway........................its cool, the boy/man/old fart/child/fetus/sperm was drawn/something else bad it looks bad for me my opinion not yours, heheheh hey the sound was o k its sux for me coz i dont like that kind of sounds, plot was ok again. wtf he turned into a bird if theres an extension there he would be dinner ^.^ yum yum instant food

WoW that was great

that was so cool great style 2! it was just very different and interesting. dont listen to the last guy who reveiwed this he just doesnt get the creativity of this movie


ok 1 how did the bars bend
and 2 is he sum type of druid bcause normal ppl don't turn into birds

Mncedzisi responds:

no druid. The bars bended because he was lucky

i was touched!!!!

no really iwas being touched during this video. it was good it really has a message i dont know wat it is but its their. keep up the good work.

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2003
5:40 AM EST
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