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Golden Arrow III-Wanderer

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Its still a game in progress and there is no storyline to speak of really. Im after constructive citicism. What do you want to see in the game, what kind of Combat system works best for you, that kind of thing. You can catch up with the latest updates through the game itself.

Keyboard controls:
Arrow keys - Walk.
Space - Perform action/Skip text.

Actions are signified by a floating Icon above your characters head.

Mouth - Talk.
Eye - Look.
Exclamation mark - ? (generic icon).

If anyone is interested in joing me in developing this project then please let me know. Especially if you are a budding graphic artist with an interest in the RPG genre.

If you visit www.hairybullet.com you can see a major update of this game featuring new graphics.

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it's a good game has potentil but it still needs work

it was good and all

but the version on your site is so messed up that you can't even move from the starting area...

Get cool

Wow, that could turn into something really cool. Give me a nastalgic feeling though. I remember when graphics wernt that good on the NES :p I cant wait to see what the game turns into :)

cool but i kept getting stuck in trees....

Hey i cant get past the part where the dudes dad is trying to catch supper i dont get what im saposed to do there i tryed everything i kept talking to him over and over all he says is shush or no supper...? wtf man is that where u stopped making the game....? if its possable to get passed that part please reply and help me plz.

Ryaareet2000 responds:

The game is still in progress. At the moment I am working on the combat phase. I regularly relase the newest version to test out new aspects of the game. All points raised are noted and will be dealt with. Thanks for trying it out. The next update (including combat phase) should be released with the next 7 days.


There are some glitch type thingys you gotta take care off. When walking from one screen to another, the little dude can get caught in trees if you're in the wrong spot.