The State of Evil

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What if George W. Bush had made the case against Iraq at the State of the Union Address? A satirical revisitation of W's speech on the Axis of Evil and the War on Terror.

1. It's about 10 mins long ... sorry plot development. If you have too short of an attention span to wait for the payoff, well it's your loss. You'll be missing snipers and Bambi's stunt double and a hard-drinkin Dick Cheney with a snowboard (oh my!) otherwise.

2. This is Political Humor. It is nuanced and involved. If you consider "Political Humor" to be an oxymoron, much like the phrases "Deafening Silence" or "Military Intelligence" then you're not going to enjoy this. Save your time and move on to another movie.

3. If you have the profession in your profile listed as "Terrorist Hunter" or you consider FoxNews to represent the zenith of journalism (and not another oxymoron), then you're not going to like this either. i don't hate you but surely you will have issue with me and this piece. Likewise, save your time and move on to any of the myriad terrorist shoot-em-ups, and jingoistic films on this site, so you can work out some of that misplaced rage.

4. If you're still here after all of those warnings. Good luck and happy watching.


MMMMMH MMMMMMMMMMH! I can tast the mustard gas now. Small Pox makes you look sexy!

i just thought it was kinda boring.

not cool

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Very Innovative

what version of flash do you use

El Presidente es un douche bag grande!

I have to say I am partial to films insulting our moronic-chimp, of a president.That being said,this does stand out as a quality piece of political humor.I enjoyed and I'm not even stoned right now, so that's saying a lot.Keep up the good work.

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2003
5:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original