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School Makes Me Sad

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This was my first attempt at animating something

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At least ur skool don’t have medieval toilets that have every disease known to man and then some

Tiny wall incoming:

gotta agree with ShaeGuy here to some extent. Will not say it's bad quality, it's clearly a personal vent/storytime type of video. The goal usually is to talk not forcefully get awards so well lol. They DO exist on NG I've seen those before.

It is not unheard of for folks to animate to other people's interviews and speeches or what not BUT that specific style with really scribbled draw my life-like animation isn't the type of things that has growth potential on NG (unless it's "shitpost-y"or somebody has a very distinctive style of doing things, as far as I can tell at least so y'all correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm a tourist so I'm doing things my sauce and maybe you as well? but personally, I find it always good to think about the type of audience on a website before posting! Like for example: I'm sure you are aware one would not behave or post the same way on the same topics on Twitter than they would on ,say, Reddit, Tiktok Deviantart or 4chan ? It's like different pools of people ^^

I find your way of representing things and art style really cute! There's an effort in editing too, I was suprised to see protogen stuff on here :000 there are furries but I wasn't expecting to see that type here as a main character! I do think this type of things you're making could benefit from some more motion in your animations and to be a bit less doodle-y rough. It being your first time and all ? I can see and safely say you can ART and convey things. Just gotta push further ! and that can only come as you keep at it.

Nothing HAS to be a 24/60 fps smooth fest (it would be silly) or what but just more "detailed" animations in key moments to really dress up what you are talking about and make it appealing (which it already does! it has its own charm). Especially on NG. So yes. I think it likely would work best on Youtube (where you could advertise it via shorts) and/or Tik Tok. You're on NG and out of all the social medias out there it's the one of the rare giving the most judging power to people from the creative to audience side of things. It's by no means perfect but the mentality and expectations nurtered here just aren't the same... ? It's risky, it's a bet but at the end of the day keep practicing Kasperanza.

tl;dr: -From personnal observation- NG audience is ...something lol, if you wanna impress majority here you might need to work on your script and overall presentation, audio quality, visuals ,etc. You absolutely can do storytime videos but it will take you doing more to get a vibe for what you do

Good luck Kasperanza.

Kasperanza responds:

Thank you, I appreciate your constructive criticism, unlike some other people
I'll take what you said into account for my next project

Maybe what I post isn't fit for NG, but I feel like I've got nothing to lose by posting

I'll admit, I kind of rushed it because I just wanted to get one project under my belt. I've noticed that being too perfectionistic stops me from making any art. I'd much rather have something bad than nothing at all.

Thanks for the compliments too


In my opinion, this kind of video would be better off on YouTube than Newgrounds. On this site the quality has to be at least decent, and here it technically isn't. I could forgive it, but the topic of this video isn't really that interesting no offense. Since you're new here, I thought I give you some constructive feedback. Good luck with making animations.

Kasperanza responds:

Lol nothing you said was constructive, you just gave a negative opinion

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2.10 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2022
8:24 AM EDT