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Forgetting the madness

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I was expecting Deimos to shoot what i presume to be your OC after a moment of awkward silence. alright animation juxtaposed by really good gore.

banginb :thumsbup:


Now onto the esay.

Today I will implore you on how to improve your animations; with the intent of having you create more even better ones in the future, showing off many important things to keep in mind when creating motion pictures, and other televized media outside the virtual realm.

Oh boy, pacing is a real issue even for the most talented animators, it's more cinematography than animation, a whole different field really.
The basics come down to making sure you keep things you aren't using out of shot;
and attempt to make the camera follow the flow of action, kinda like a curve of where everything hits so its easy to follow.

2. E = MC:Redeemer
Definitely not BAD by any chance, but definitely subpar.
How do we improve on it?
Well for that we'll need a little bit of physics lessons!
[Note I am not a certified physicict;
anything said and not said is to be taken with a bucket of salt]
. Momentum, the speed with which something travels at in vacuum-
. As stated by Newton, momentum is just mass times velocity.
. ( p = m * v )
. Newton has also stated that an object that is in motion,
. will stay in motion unless other forces act upon it.
. What forces exist? well-
. As you may know air constantly poses resistance,
. although light it is still enough to slow a person in the air a subsistant amount;
. but air isnt the only thing that impacts the speed of movement.
. A person themself need time to reach max speed with their movement.
. This isn't the fault of air resistance or anything like that,
. but simply because muscles take time to extend and generate
. the push on the ground that actually propels you forward.
. Returning back, often, as for around the 0:03 time mark,
. we can see deimos instantly propel himself into a frontflip.
. he does so seeminly with no effort,
. as if he was simply assigned a velocity at that moment in time.
. A similiar issue can be seen with Sanford's own hook
. just a few seconds later at 0:06
Always keep momentum in mind, it by itself will improve the looks.

3. Attention!
Let's say you just heard a gunshot in the room you were in.
Let's say you hear another gunshot, 3 meters next to you.
Let's say you hear your fellow grunt shooting his own revolver,
directly next to your own ear.

What would you do?
Well I know what I wouldn't.
I would under no circumstances stand completely still and motionless.
Be it man or grunt there will be reactions to loud noices and such;
(unless this specific grunt happens to be deaf,
which uh. good job being inclusive i suppose.)

Keep the surroundings in mind!
Grunts are not just rice sacks made to be shot,
atleast not in their own universe.

4. It's an animation! So stay animated!
"We're getting shot at take cover soldier!"
"Sarge I don't think ill make it this run is too much im out of breath i-
Oh wait- the camera is panning away? alright alright im safe ill take a breather"
Is something i've never heard in a film nor show and what i never expect to hear.
When someone stops being the focus point do they stop?
No, they keep acting out their actions.
Whether that be idling, reloading or combatting.
I believe the abrubt stop of everyone at 0:05 shows extreme blandness of the characters.
They do not even bother to continue their pilgrimage onwards you see?
Not to mention their faul fiend at the bottom of the stairs who was seemingly just
standing and waiting there, for the better part of the past 4 seconds.

This extends even to 00:15.
No breathing? no gun taunting?
You bet your ass Deimos would be the type of guy to stick the barrel of his gun
right against someone's soon-to-not-be-very-soft skin.

It'san animation, So try to stay animated.

Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2022
4:20 PM EDT