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Warm Itzler

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Author Comments

  • Pick your workers out of the ground around you, and use them to build an army, decimate the countryside with your swarm why not?.
  • With the controller (which I suggest if you have one) the controls are Left-Trigger to pick/grab/throw, this is contextual to the right stick for aiming. The left stick will move you, and the right stick will guide your workers. Right bumper to dismiss without sorting, and left bumper to dismiss and sort. The right trigger activates the whistle, which can be used to return workers to your attendance. If you hold up on the Dpad, or press the right stick, you can move the guide without guiding your workers. Pressing B activates the melee attack of the main character. 
  • With the keyboard, it's O to pick, space to grab and throw, WASD to move, IJKL to guide/aim, U to whistle, and X to dismiss and sort or Z to just dismiss. It is B to melee.
  • Also you can guide the workers by clicking and dragging. You can recall your troops with right-click.
  • Hold Y on the controller or M on the keyboard to view the minimap.
  • Use 9/0 to toggle smart-mouse.
  • Press Start/P to pause the game (for save/load)
  • Yellow workers can carry bombs.

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i fucking love this

Interesting look and obviously well thought out and a lot of time went into this... but I could not figure out the controls or the goal of the game. It does look neat though,
Big suggestion: include a detailed tutorial. We're talking casual gaming here -- your average player is not going to spend more than 5 -10 minutes MAX trying to figure out an arcane control system.

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2022
9:06 PM EDT