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Sequal: Where Wings Dare

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Author Comments

I made this a while back, it is a bit lame in my opinion especially if you do not like the movies that this film is quoted from.

Since this flash movie is over 10 minutes long it has a large file size. though I think 4.9MB is very small for such a long video.

So if you have dial up, chances are you aren't going to see this movie.

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It saddens me that I've given you a bad rating...

But I have to agree with everything Biff The Timid said, concerning the prospect of Flashers' storyline and this project itself.

I disagree with him/her, however on the concept that your movies are TOO symbolic. I love that, and I love how much effort and meaning you put into most of your work.

All I can really say about this, is that I didn't find it too enjoyable, and the concept delved into in "Flashers" was a bit...irritating, when being told that Flashers are better than everybody else, and whatnot.

Other than this, you're a talented artist and are in tune with your emotions and ideas. Keep working hard, and try to space out your movies. Come up with something that NOBODY will see coming.

I'm rooting for you, buddy. :)

good flashwork!

you have some real talent magnus. don't let words that people say, put you down. keep up the kick ass flashwork man. for all you who are wondering who Tom Crusade was, i believe its a character that magnus played himself.


Who is this tom crusade that you speak of?
Also: I'd of givin you a 10 if you made up your own storyline and graphics.



I've seen that you have posted many movies in the past few weeks, and I don't find them very interesting to tell you the truth. They are just too boring, and symbolic. The flashers series was blown way out of proportion, and told of some flash animator society and how they/we will rule the world or something of that nature. As novel an idea like that is, it's a bit rediculous. Have you even seen a blammed movie before? It's not a pleasent experience, and I pray to God they don't end up ruling the world. Another thing I dislike about your movies is that they are all clipshows of edited pictures and text. I just can't find that too interesting. This movie was also a clipshow, only it had a plot this time around. Sadly, it wasn't a very interesting plot, and neither was the clipshow. It was well put together though, which is more than I can say for a lot of other movies. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really that great at all. You've got some skill, I personally would prefer if you would take a different direction.


This was a good piece of flash but you should use your own ideas. Unless you changed the title to Independence Day Parody or Star Wars Parody, then it would be good.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2003
7:38 AM EST