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Author Comments

"Underfoot" was ones created by me years ago (at least around 2018 i would say?) to test basically waters with a rogue-like game creation. I used my Lemmings character for this to basically go with a "dig & Survive" theme.

So this is a "converted version" from said "download version" - which should be 1.1.2

Downloadable, more "stable" version:


--- As how the game works and controls ---

Again, it was a very early solo project and i didnt credit the music i used ingame nor did i add any hint "when" i created this game so...yea.

As for the game, you play "Lemina", a Lemmings Lady which went ones out for a stroll. Suddendly an earth quake happend and Lemina went falling down one of the cracks.

Your goal is to guide Lemina back out of the underground, survive said underground with your trusty boomerang and bombs, collect money to upgrate your gear and get out.

The game has 10 Levels + "End level" in total, after every level a small bonus area and after every 3rd level a shop so you can upgrate your stuff. No savestates were used just a lot of "switches and levers" - which means there is no save opinion. You have to finish the game in one go.

An Manual about enemies and other ingame stuff can be found ingame.

BASE controls are:

Arrow Keys = Control Lemina

Space = Jump (HOLD for higher Jumps!)

X = Throw boomerrang

C = Use pickaxe

V = place a bomb (if you have one)

Used musics:

Zabutom - Where Do I Start

8bit Betty - Spooky Loop

UncleBibby - The Simple Complex

UncleBibby - Jangus inspired by ToeJam and Earl


Kupa - Bloody Tears

Visager - Miniboss_Fight_Loop

Kevin Mcleod - Manic Polka

Breakbeat Heartbeat - Break Of Dawn

472245 - Happyland

I still hope its somewhat enjoyable. I didnt tested this version "till the end" but it seems at least stable. So i hope you still enjoy.

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Nice gameplay, but the graphics are lacking.

WAtheAnum responds:

tbh yea. i agree that it looked even back then very "plane". Wish also the code would not be such mess and i could upgrade the whole gameplay a bit.

Sigh, yet another game where the up arrow key isn't used for jump.

WAtheAnum responds:

back in the day, in the 80s where joysticks had literally 1 button, jump sure was used for pressing up. Nowadays it feels a bit odd if you really do so. I had a lot ideas but i put it on its own button because it simply fits the theme of the game as it is. Though, i understand everyone has a different taste in controls.

Simple and mostly works, but has a problem with lag as you progress into later levels.

WAtheAnum responds:

Yea, this is a problem i duno how to change. Its already odd to say that the HTML5 version has a slowdown right from the beginning (so it feels) wile the other, downloadable version runs fine.

Its a shame, i srsly tried hard to cover the lag and turn it down but yea, since this game has a lot objects and stuff... <<; Kinda sorry man.

not bad, not amazing. fighting the controls are the hardest thing

it's like pushing through jello

WAtheAnum responds:

whats actually wrong with the controls? :o

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

May 1, 2022
8:35 AM EDT