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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Star Wars : Lo Mein

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Stop calling me buttmaster.

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Very nice job! I had a good time watching!

Love it. Oh, how I miss these times.

I admit that I don't think this is great. I still enjoyed it. A lot of it does hold up. The best part is probably the voices. I mean, they're really funny and so appropriate for the cartoon. The animation could be better.

I just feel like this could have been shorter. It's still a pretty original idea. That butt master joke is awesome. I guess there's a lot of ethnic stereotypes in the "Star Wars" series. Not just "The Phantom Menace".

almost 16 years and still a classic

Damn I'm 15 years late with this review... hope I saw this after it came out, but I was usually more interested in the incoming Portal submissions, than the Front Page back then.

Still holds up exceptionally well! The script was certainly clever, though 'banthashit' would've been more appropriate over 'bullshit' lol The artwork isn't top notch, but it looks like time was spent on it, and that's makes up for a lot. Glad you're still with us Tormented-Soul!