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Action Packed Adventure

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Did you know that vending machines kill 13 people a year?

Made in 4 days for the Pixel Game Jam (theme: adventure), this flashy top down shooter has you gun down hordes of sentient food, as you try to keep your own heartbeat in check. Also everything explodes.

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way to hard. health depletes too quickly like a glitch. shooting is just not recommended. just run through everything. enemys kill you too fast.

Nomron responds:

so true bestie

The game is fun, but I wish there was like, some kind of use of the money system. like upgrades for more health or a stronger gun. also those flour bags have no right to be so tanky and have a blinding affect. one or the other. or atleast only when it dies.

The Flashy graphics help it to stand out among other games. I had no issues with aiming around and shooting my shots. The silly theme would seem to be fun to any casual player, but then here comes the challenge. The learning curve is a little too difficult for your target audience.

this is the dark souls of eating food

Hmm, a little bit torn on this one! On one hand, I find the game's concept really cool and strategic: being conservative with your moves to keep your heartrate down, while also balancing eating veggies and candy to help your heartrate and health pulling in opposite directions keeps you on your toes constantly. And all of this combines with the crazy levels filled with all manner of enemy types and obstacles to create a really crazy challenge! Trying to puzzle my way through the car level (while getting annoyed at the hidden "important tip") was frustrating, but an interesting challenge that will stay with me for some time, haha.

On the other hand, it did feel difficult to take the game seriously at times due to its wacky design: every time a challenge came up, I couldn't decide whether to take it seriously or just shrug and say "eh, just some shitpost troll game screwing with me" and turn it off. Additionally, the camera was so zoomed in and enemies/bullets were so fast at times that it felt impossible to react and control the situation in an intentional manner, making it feel like its all up to luck or just rushing through facetanking things to get to the end of the level before you die (which I did a few times). Still an intriguing game nonetheless that I want to revisit to see if I can beat it, so kudos on that.

Nomron responds:

Hey, thank you for the feedback! I honestly can't disagree with a lot of your points here lol, for most of the game I was just kind of messing around and doing whatever I found funny. It is absolutely not fair haha. Thank you again!

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2022
8:52 PM EDT