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Author Comments

Undergrave is the next upcoming game from Wired Dreams Studio, wishlist it on Steam.

Follow the development!


About Undergrave

After losing your loved one, you decide to bring her back by going to the depths of the Void Realm and completing the Trial of Ressurection. From the creators of Red Ronin, every try will challenge the player with a new adventure.


Your character has 3 distinct abilities, each one being necessary for a successful run, however every one of them consumes your stamina that recovers with turns so use them wisely.

-- DASH --


Cut through the enemies in a straight line dealing damage on them if you have your sword or dodging through them if you have no sword

-- JUMP --


Jump from a square to another, dealing stun effect on the enemies around if you have your sword or only pushing them if you have no sword.

-- THROW --


Throw your sword on an enemy dealing damage. The movements cost less Stamina when you are unarmed. You can catch your sword back mid dash or on a jump killing some enemies using less Stamina.



Combine your abilities to oversmart the enemies and find the best move for every turn.

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I replayed it after a couple of months and managed to beat it. if you are starting out it might be punishing, here's something to note though the rat (2nd enemy you meet) moves 2 spaces each turn the 3rd enemy can take 2 hits instead of 1, and the boss? well as long as you get next to him while he's next to a wall just hit him toward the wall and done

was going to the boss but my sword fell and kill him

way too punishing for making one false move.
Poor tutorial, had to learn by just constantly mashing keys to learn that space bar confirmed every action.
it gets repetitive too fast, three choices of power every new chalice is too few, and very often they are the ones that I do not wish to use.
there is potential, but some things should be made basic abilities, such as the shield, or berserk, as I spend most of my time playing under 4 hp anyway.
Some checkpoint that saves your progress and your build should also be an option, at least just for the last run, allowing you to start over if you decide that you have backed yourself into a corner or wish to choose new abilities from the chalice room.

Giving it two stars just for the art and attention to detail in it, the monsters look colorful and well animated, but it needs work everywhere else.

Could be great.

Really excellent puzzle game.

Close quarter enemy placement make the game challenging enough so that all the upgrades are meaningfully good and contribute to different playstyle. Procedural generation can be a little punishing, takes a bit of luck to finish the demo with perfect health. Enemy coordination is clever enough that you can rarely breeze through a stage and it contributes to an engaging puzzle almost every time.

Can be surprisingly fast and kinetic thanks to the auto select feature, extremely satisfying to quickly slice and dice enemies after several rounds of maneuvering.

Eagerly awaiting the Steam release.
Great job!

I think some quality-of-life features are in order for this.

Something I'd recommend is giving the player more information. For example, there's no clear way to tell what new enemies can do until they attack you. Allowing the player to hover their cursor over enemies to see tiles they can move to would be a nice addition.

A lot of people already recommended this, but any form of healing mid-run would be nice. I'd recommend making it a choice in the upgrades. This would create a risk-reward sort of deal, where the player must chose between increasing their power and maintaining their health.

Something that kind of bugs me is that the cursor often isn't visible. There are controls for it, but finding the cursor during every attack is annoying.

Also a restart button would be nice.

You've got a really good concept here. I think if refined further, this could be something really special.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2022
12:07 PM EST