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CFrogger!!: Arcade Mode

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Author Comments

@carge gets bored so he decides

he wants to meet Frogger so he can hang out in his lilypad.

Before he can do it though,

he needs to get past these cars and trucks, and the alligators in the river!

Can you make it to the end and meet Frogger?



Title Screen

C - Inserts a coin.

1 - Chooses the 1 Player option/Starts The Game/Picks Player 1's character.

2 - Chooses the 2 Player option/Picks Player 2's character and starts the game.

General Controls

WASD - Control Player 1.

IJKL - Control Player 2.


Engine, Programming, Director - AtreyuGilbert

Based on a character by @8BitAnt

Frogger © Konami and Sega

Itch.io version: https://atreyugilbert.itch.io/cfrogger


Feb 10, 2022: There are now bonus collectables. Now stop complaining to me about them being missing!!! >:(((

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Beautiful, reminds me that Crabfest is back at Red Lobster


On one hand it's beautiful for what it is, I love the controls and like this game a lot better than I ever liked the real thing (I never liked the real thing, while I actually enjoyed playing this, which is strange and surprising, almost anticlimating for me)

On the other hand, it's Frogger, a game you can find even on those "9999 brick games" with at least 800 variations of it, so the potential of making an Arcade replica seems lost to me

Now, I must say at the second stage it seems like you put some original elements, and I found those to be very enjoyable, I would have loved to play further but I did not find the "Continue" button in time, otherwise I would have played at least to the third stage

Part of me wants to give this a two for being Frogger, another want's to give you five because of what this could potentially become, but rather than allowing my imagination to run away with me I am giving you a four, while looking forward towards seeing a full version, which I sincerely hope will have a blend of classic, and yet modern elements, because I see an enormous potential for that working out for you (A game that if completed, I will easily give five out of five stars)

I wish you the best of luck onward, I hope you add a lot of crazy stages so that the player can expect a fun surprise at every stage beaten, also Frogger seems to move faster, which I really love, it's only befitting of a modern remake with hopefully new challenges

Update: A full version naturally requires a full screen, otherwise the point is lost to me at least

AtreyuGilbert responds:

The game has been in development for maybe a month or two, and this build was meant to coincide with a NG holiday, and I couldn't find the time to implement some of the features some people have said were missing (i.e. the bonus flies, Lady Frogs, and alligators spawning in the homes). It's nice you didn't just copy and paste someone else's review of just "OMG THIS IS FROGGER THISS UCKS" and are actually aware of this game's status of being a demo. I've told some other people here and some of my friends too that this game sort of just combines the mechanics of a lot of Frogger's obscure reboots/sequels while also incorporating some new ideas in the mix, which I wish I could've said when I first released this demo. Also, I don't really know what you mean by "a full version naturally requires a full screen", but I think you might be saying the game needs to be in widescreen or just have a full screen mode, both of which are things I can definitely do.

Sorry for the late response, by the way.

george constanza approves this game

This is a bit of an odd duck. I do like how authentically it recreates that arcade feel, what with the pixel graphics (except for the weird frog on the start, the titular 'carge' I suppose), attact mode, inserting of coins, and so on and so forth: very neat stuff. Gameplay was solid and recreated that classic Frogger feel as well, with nice touches like being forgiving on making the final step (you can kind of clash with the walls and it'll still count you as making it all the way successfully).

But at the end of the day...it was just Frogger. I was really confused, as I expected the game to change things up a bit with the gameplay, remix it or something, but it didn't. I mean, it's not bad or anything...but that's because it's literally Frogger, so...I dunno, I'm never quite sure how I'm supposed to feel about this situation. I mean, obviously it's impressive and nice that the game was recreated so accurately, with the minor twist of having a new character involved and maybe being a bit more difficult, but am I supposed to give points for doing nothing but just recreating the original? There's a subtle line between making a game in a similar genre or with similar mechanics and then there's this. I dunno, maybe I'm overthinking, haha. It's still good work.

AtreyuGilbert responds:

I wish I clarified, but carge has slightly different stats from Frogger himself. He just hops a bit faster. Also, this is a demo of what'll be the "Arcade Mode", and the final product will have a lot of neat shit. Arcade Mode kinda just compresses everything... Thanks for the feedback!

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2022
7:09 PM EST