Quiz time with Crono

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It's a fun little quiz with chrono.



4/6 :) i liked it

Hahah, pretty good.

I got 5 of the 6 questions right, and NO, I DIDN'T get the last one wrong! Haha! You assume that no one else played ____ __, eh? Played it once, years ago, and STILL remember it!

Great questions. The 5th one was the hardest for me, the rest were a breeze. Good choice in music, nice for a quiz setting.

I like the little humor you threw in there. Pretty good.

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got them all in my first try blindfolded

lol, anyway nice game, keep it up

horray for my 6 out of 6!

I've actually played Lufia 1 and 2, and trust me, those 2 games are the MOST confusing games ever (Lufia 1 was the sequal to Lufia 2) ... but back to the topic, the only one of those games I don't own was the Shaq game and that question I got lucky.

Sweet i got all of them.

the only reason i got all of them is because ive played every one of those games except Lufia 2, but the choices you gave me for the Lufia question were to abstract to be in any other game, and the only reason i got the LAST question is because i rented that dumbass game wayyyy back when the SNES was the best thing around, just so you know, the last game is SHAQ FU, its a game where you play as Shaquille O' Neal and kick the crap out of other-worldly creatures mortal kombat style, its very easy and VERY short. anyways, the quiz overall was good but wayyyyyy too easy.

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3.77 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2003
7:02 PM EST
Puzzles - Quiz