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Multitask Air

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Author Comments

This game was made to answer a question as old as time: is it possible to play Tetris and Flappy Bird at the same time and still do reasonably well? Let's find out!


✈️ Plane Controls:

Hold space or LMB to make the plane go up, release to let it fall down

Recover parachuting people by clicking them to multiply your final score

🧩 Block Falling Game Controls:

A to move your active piece left

D to move your active piece right

E to rotate active piece clockwise

Q to rotate active piece counter-clockwise

M to mute

Fill four lines at a time to gain 1 health point for your plane!

The block falling game begins when you reach 10 points in the plane game.


Art/Code by Jet Simon

Music by Jet Simon

Plane Sound by Jet Simon

Additional SFX from freesound.org

Made for Game Devcember 2021 game jam

Your progress WILL be saved between sessions as long as you let Unity store your saved data. So feel free to stop and come back later!

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please leave them in the comments.

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Lot of fun but the difficulty ramps up very quickly! High score 4320 which I think is a good effort... very tricky to get the Tetris four-in-one since you're so limited with the total height and it becomes a matter of luck which piece appears even once you've made a channel of the necessary height and you're crossing your fingers that the 4x1 rectangle will appear. I think you could be a bit kinder by increasing the maximum height in the Tetris. Something that irks me is the fact that the next piece drops as soon as this one hits the layer below - in other Tetris games you get a fraction of a second after it's "landed" to make an adjustment before you lose control of the falling piece. When you want to fill an "overhang" it's often necessary in Tetris to make a last-moment left or right move with a piece that can fit in the overhung gap, but in your game this doesn't seem to be possible. Consider giving some "coyote time" for this!!

Simple but effective graphics, quirky tune and SFX. Would prefer it if the parachutists didn't vanish entirely when they're behind an obstacle!

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2021
4:06 PM EST