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SANTA CLAUS: The Video Game

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It’s the night before Christmas… Blast away as you play as Santa Claus in his sleigh, flying high through the sky en route to deliver gifts to all of the children of the world! Will you be able to reach every boy and girl on your nice list before time runs out? Watch and find out!

Watch more videos at http://doogtoons.com

Directed by

Doug Bresler

Written by

Doug Bresler

Jessica Kinni

Art and Animation by

Doogtoons Studios

Music by

Doug Bresler

Executive Producers

Doug Bresler

Jessica Kinni

Art and animation created with Aseprite and Adobe Creative Cloud 

Music created with Plogue and Apple Logic Pro audio software

© 2021 Doogtoons Studios. All rights reserved.

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Worst ending of the game, why did you upload this lets play?
The "Bezos NTR"-ending is universally hated, even worse so then the Covid ending.

Your animations are too underrated, you da man!

Doogtoons responds:

Thank you! Happy holidays :)



Quite funny and great attention to details, sounds effects, and gameplay.
Good job!