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The Blind Hero

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Follow Miru as she begins the adventure of a lifetime



​Demo for a MetroidVania I want to make, would be pretty cool if you could support and share : )

Support the product on itch.io: The Blind Hero - The Demo by Vulty_24 (itch.io)

Music produced by cashwarrior: Noah Hughes (@cashwarior1) / Twitter

Dialog handled with the Dialogic plug-in by Emilio: (1) Emilio (@Coppola_Emilio) / Twitter

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It's okay but it has some major flaws that really turn me away
The hitboxes don't make much sense I feel like I'm being hit when I should've dodged
The attack animation takes too long to actually dodge so you're basically required to attack from behind
any enemy with extra reach ex. a sword is a nightmare to deal with
and finally, I didn't get very far, so maybe I'm just ignorant here, but there seems to be no benefit to combat that isn't explicitly blocking your path.

All in all, I wouldn't call it a bad game, it feels like untapped potential. I can feel the potential here but the negatives, in my opinion, vastly outweigh the positives.
You're free to disagree but that's my stance on it.

This game could really use basic instructions. It took me a bit to figure out the controls since it is not listed anywhere. Most of the author Comments are random pictures and three links. The hit boxes are really large. That really ruins the gameplay. The music is way too loud as well.

Hmm, it feels like it does get some interesting story built up eventually once you get to the first boss, but for the most part the game felt very bland and empty, and very confusingly constructed.

In terms of game design, the game had tons of weird oddities to it. First and foremost, the hitboxes of the player and the enemy were way too damn big, like three times larger than what it looks like, leading to getting damaged from unreasonable distances. Damage was inconsistent as well, where touching some enemies (even when they are dying!) can end up damaging you, while touching other similar enemies doesn't hurt at all. The game actually does a good job at showing animations for enemy attacks, so I have no idea why you can get hurt by touching them when they're not attacking. Speaking of damage feedback, I also found it odd that things like hitting enemies produce sparks, but hitting the health totems is absolutely silent, which felt so bad in terms of feedback.

In terms of adventure and story, the world felt quite bland and repetitive. I did enjoy the goofy dialogue here and there and some of the setup once you get your first power from the boss and see the note left behind, but in general, traversing the world was just boring. I'd regularly try to avoid combat whenever possible because it was such a slog due to the enemies being damage sponges, and the world never seemed to have enough landmarks, interesting locations, or slick movement to keep my interest.

I think it's a pretty good attempt: had some small hints of nice design like bosses and enemies with attack animations and so on, but right now it just feels way too shallow in terms of the moment-to-moment gameplay.

Just started playing it and I already noticed a few things:
The player's hitbox is way too large and you can be hit from what seems like an impossible distance.

Enemy hitboxes are also strange and you can hit some of them from below, making for easy cheese. These are the enemies with blades.

Controls are kind of strange, but can be adjusted to. Would be nice if you could rebind keys. S is an odd choice for advancing text.

As many background elements are white, it can be a bit difficult to tell what you can and can't stand on. Same thing goes for enemies. I understand that purple = bad, but the "slime" enemies have only a few purple pixels making them harder to see.

Kind of strange to not have a hit sound.

There's a random spot where you take damage despite having no obvious signals that it is dangerous.

I also came into this expecting a "blindness" gimmick given the name and don't fully understand why the game is called "The Blind Hero"

awh it wont let me move?? ahkjsahsjd :[[ although the pallet is r good!!

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2021
7:01 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine
  • ChipTone
  • Logic Pro X