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Cactus Sandwich : Foamy The Squirrel

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Try something new at your local cafe...


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There's also agave rolls, but they're way too sweet for me.


I can almost see this working, this got a single laugh out of me, but Foamy is still as annoying as ever, but I think you're taking the right steps on the right direction


First of all, you should try to get someone to do voices for you, the "woman's" voice is so jarring to listen because it's so obvious that it's a guy voicing it, if you played it as a joke like "lol the woman has a guy's voice" that wouldn't be as bad, but the fact it's unintentional doesn't really help

The animation is also pretty bad
The way you jump and stretch feels so unnatural, it doesn't click and it just feels like you're playing around flash too much without minding how it's going to look in the final product
Either learn to jump and stretch or just try a different animation technique to make the animations feel more natural

And I think these dialogues would really benefit from more background noise like a crowd talking on the background or more music.

holy shit you actually took some of my advice? i actually kinda like it! evolution is key. i know you've been at thins for almost 25 years that's incredible i was an og fan. but it got stale? then it got fossilized. I'm sorry Ive been abrasive but i wanted to see if you actually cared. thanks for showing me you do :)

Hipsters, am I right?