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BLACK FRIDAY 2: Employee Edition

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Choose your character and face the challenges of working retail on the unholiest retail day of 2021, Black Friday! Beware the charging crowd and insanely rude customers as you try to survive the swarm of deal-seeking, merchandise-hungry maniacs. Can you make it through the day alive with your faith in humanity intact? Watch and find out!

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Written and Directed by

Doug Bresler

Art and Animation by

Doogtoons Studios

Music by

Doug Bresler

Executive Producers

Doug Bresler

Jessica Kinni

Art and animation created with Aseprite and Adobe Creative Cloud

Music created with Plogue and Apple Logic Pro audio software

© 2021 Doogtoons Studios. All rights reserved.

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fuck me am I glad I didn't work black friday, most of the time it's night shift people, so that's why 90% of the time it's people you have never seen

Pixel art is orgasmic

This reminded me of maniac mansion

That was funny lol