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Tengoku 2: 古霊境 〜 Immemorial Spirit Border

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Author Comments

Fullscreen is recommended (enable in the in game options menu).

Tengoku Koreikyou (Ancient Spirit Boundary)

"I'm the guardian here. Only the deceased may enter the spirit realm."

A purple mist that spirits can travel through...

Who could be behind such a plan?

A 5 stage danmaku game featuring magical girls!


The game supports keyboard or gamepad (tested with Xbox controller)

Move / Navigate menus: [Arrow keys] / [WASD] / (D-pad)

Shoot / Confirm: [Z] / [J] / (A)

Bomb / Back: [X] / [K] / (X)

Slow movement: [Shift] / (Left Trigger)

Pause: [Space] / (Menu button)


Enemies drop Spirits which fill the Spirit Meter, which slowly depletes over time. When it's full and you get hit, an auto bomb is released.


Version 1.02

  • Added WASD controls

Version 1.01

  • Fixed Cornelia's shot type on gamepad
  • Fixed framerate related gameplay issues


Game, Art and Music


Sound Effects

Mathieu Fret



Fighting Game grunts - young female.wav by AderuMoro (CC-BY)







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For some reason, the game just randomly locks up my movement when I play on my controller. I'm also not really good at using wasd because I'm a lefty. Can the dev(s) see if they can fix this problem ?

Dogtopius responds:

Thanks for playing! I'm also left handed, and I find the arrow keys, Z + X control scheme most comfortable. Sorry for the late reply too, I haven't been checking here recently :(

As for the controller issues, I'm not really sure. It was only tested on an xbox one controller and it worked fine on there, but it seems that other controllers may cause an issue ^^;

Do you plan on having the option to set keys for your controls or even have mouse controls? It would be greatly appreciated since my laptop is a Lenovo laptop where the vertical arrow keys are half the size of the other keys for no reason.

Dogtopius responds:

First of all, thanks for playing! I'm not sure if mouse controls will be precise enough... I think I will add WASD in a future update though, although I do know it may cause issues on cheaper keyboards...

i love touhou but i still suck at it. i barely managed to get on the last stage on easy using all continues and still lost, but that's just part of the course.

heads up that there's issues with the bomb mechanics:
for one, you can't bomb while in focus (could be an issue with keyboard not registering focus, shoot and bomb all at the same time, idk)

also i think you aren't immediately invincible when bombing, or it could just be me being bad at timing, but it's worth checking out

Dogtopius responds:

I think that's a keyboard issue since I can do it fine on my end. I will also buff the bomb invulnerability too, since it seems that right now it is not enough. Thanks for playing!

Wow, that's tough

Dogtopius responds:

Thanks for playing!

Argh! I thought after hundreds of hours of Eastern Wonderland's Extra Stage beating me into submission I'd be able to breeze through any bullet hell they throw at me but I still have a long way to go, it seems. But I'm not done, I'm headbutting this game until either I win or I die from a concussion.

Say, have you considered uploading the OST to the Music section? I mean, you're in Newgrounds of all places.

Also, c'mon, where's part 1? There's never enough Touhou tributes on this site. Oh, and there's no full screen button. You might want to consider binding the F key to toggling fullscreen like so many games do.

Dogtopius responds:

Thanks for playing! Uploading the OST - that could be a good plan!
About part 1... (and there is a 1.5 game also not on here)... The first game isn't as good as this one, so I was unsure if it was worth uploading. You can find these both on my itch page that I linked on my profile. If you'd like to play in fullscreen, you can do that in the "options" menu. I think I'll simplify this in the future though to a single key press.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2021
10:46 AM EST