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Mr. Orange: BATTLE

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Author Comments

Mr. Orange: Battle, first battle game of the series, originating from scratch, fight against your friends and get more points than them to win!

How to play: Player 1: W(Punch), S(Kick), G(Special)

Player 2: Up Arrow (Punch), Down Arrow (Kick), Space (Special)


Movement Controls:

Player 1: A, D, (New: Q For Dodging)

Player 2: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, (New: L For Pushing)


Main Menu: C For Credits

Some Hidden Easter Eggs Are in the Main Menu, Try and find them :)




Music Belongs to him


OngoKiller50: Game Inspiration


Tutorial's On Youtube

Lil, Scratcher's(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGCN5eBMABWUwM0gCJKvWQ)


Beta Testing: My Sister


That's all :)


Update 1.1: Game has full screen support, Game now runs smoother, FPS Boost, The character's now have a cooldown when attacking, thanks AwsomFaic for suggesting on newgrounds, instead of score now there is health bars, when depleted to zero, the character now loses, points were removed and replaced with health bar's, dodging for Mr. Orange and pushing for Mr. Shadow was added

Little Change: Loading Screen Is Now Dark Red.

Note: Pushing for Mr. Shadow does no damage, same for dodging.

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nice game but i cant restart the level

LisandroMakesMusic responds:

To restart at the right top corner, there is a play button and a stop button, and also a full screen button, hope that helps.

I appreciate the attempt, especially for your first game. It functions and is reasonably competent. But, there are problems with it that you should keep in mind for the next time you try to make a game.

For a fighting game to be truly playable, you must have a set win-lose condition for both sides. Whether that be their health depleting to 0, or getting knocked off the stage-- it is necessary for the game to really function as a fighting game. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the genre.

Furthermore, for the game to be fair, every attack has to have a certain knockback and cooldown. This is so there is always a risk to each attack. Otherwise, you end up having moves like the punch in your game being extremely overpowered as you can simply spam it and easily rack up score, and giving the opposing side no true ability to counterattack or stop it.

In conclusion, it's a good start. You've gotten a functional game out there and that is what matters most. But if you want to continue developing games, you do have to consider these factors in the future otherwise your games will end up feeling like they have no end goal or purpose. Keep trying though, you can definitely make a good game with enough time and learning.

With the new update, I feel like a lot of the initial problems I had were fixed, so I can safely rate this higher than before. Definitely keep it up, I think you can make great games if you keep at it!

LisandroMakesMusic responds:

thank you :D
Thinking of adding more stuff to it like new backgrounds to fight in, or even its own remastered version as this one isn't my favorite project
With that out of the way, I'll let you know if i release a remaster by then, thanks' for playing though, really appreciate it!

Credits & Info

2.39 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2021
7:31 PM EST