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Witch Hat & Ears of Cat v1.0.5

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Author Comments

Lianna was a young Dark Magician who, after leaving her home village, moved to the city of Eastwall, capital of the frontier beween the world known to humans and the unexplored lands to the east, region known as the World's Edge. There, she would begin a new life with a new identity while following the instructions given by her Master.

Wearing her recently bought pointy hat, on her way to joining the Adventurers' Guild, she bumped into a boy with cat ears, native to those lands. Maybe she would have experienced love at first sight, if not for the fact that, as she a little too late realized, her coin pouch was nowhere to be seen — and the culprit, the cat boy from earlier. That was only the beginning of her troubles, however, as her unwillingness to cope such unfairness let to a small chaos inside the Guild's hall, both tied up to chairs and blackmailed into paying an unreasonable sum in order not to be reported to the authorities.

With no other choice, Lianna was forced to team up with the sneaky boy with feline traits, as well as noble Paladin with an angel-like smile but sadistic tendencies later on, in order to reach something resembling financial stability in that world where things hardly ever went as planned.

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I feel like im stuck in the sea monster quest because i asked around but i still dont know where to go

Tiagoxningenjanai responds:

What part of the quest are you on? First you have to speak with the village chief (the old guy inside the village's largest building). Then you just have to ask around until someone offers to sell you the info you want. The village is pretty small, and you only have to ask the beast-people, so it's pretty quick! ^^

I reached the current end of the game and I gotta say, I think at first I was a bit iffy on the first 3 chapters' stories but I think it really improves as it goes along.

The gameplay is basic which makes sense on rpgmaker but I am really enjoying it, I like how some important fights are escapable since they were pretty hard but with enough preparation and strategy can be done which is what I find so fun about the combat in this game, its challenging but it feels fair and I hope the next chapters continue this trend.

I like how the world opens up as you progress through the story but the at the same time you still get to go back to some areas for some side quests which makes the world feel more dynamic.

Overall, the story is starting to get real interesting and the combat I already enjoyed from the start and I hope the game continues to improve as I think it has a lot of potential.

Edit: Thanks for appreciating the feedback! To elaborate a bit on my first comment, I think chapter 1-2 are actually decent enough because as you said, they were just introducing us to the world but it's that bath scene in chapter 1 that left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth since it was pretty long-winded; basically it was too much telling more than showing which made it tedious to read.

Chapter 3's premise with Jeanne didn't really make sense to me when I first played through it because she was essentially putting Lianna and Mao in danger just to hide that fact. Also Lianna cutting off Jeanne a bunch made it look like to me that you wanted to save the twist for the end of the chapter even if a bit forced.

Despite that, I did like what you did with the twist, when she revealed her true self and we got access to her new moves felt pretty awesome, so even if I had to suspend my disbelief just a little bit, I still think chapter 3 was okay.

Hope that made my first comment clear :)

Tiagoxningenjanai responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying xD

This is my first game and one of my first stories, so I'm honestly surprised by how people seem to like it lol. The first chapters were mostly to introduce the characters and the world, the third one being my least favorite overall, so I get where you're coming from. But would you mind elaborating if possible?

As for the main fights being escapable, fun fact: I'm basing the game on a novel I wrote a few years ago, and the characters most often than not comically don't manage to finish their job perfectly. I'm sure some players would want to grind or just be so lucky or good they'd try winning, so I gave them that option, even if it wasn't originally intented.

Now that I've found a nice gameplay cycle and the main story is close to the end (8 our of 12 chapters), I don't plan on changing stuff much more, so you can expect things to remain more or less the same. Except for optional areas, as I'm taking ideas from what was going to be a second volume and turning it into side content, so you can expect me to try some stuff out there (like actual puzzles and stuff).

Finally, thanks a ton for playing and I hope to see you all the way to the end (^^)/

So impressive I really like this.

It has such a great story I really like Lianna and Jeanne.
Amazing more please.

Tiagoxningenjanai responds:

Ohh I'm really happy to hear this! xD
If all goes right, chapter 6 should go out this month. I hope to see you again! ^^

this is really good but i stuck on one of the thing and don't know how but i can go thought walls now i can't move in the story is there any way to flx this update i find a way to i will tell you how to by we;; any way you can be talk to so ya

Tiagoxningenjanai responds:

thanks a lot for the feedback. (we already talked this over on instagram, so let me give a late reply here just in case someone else has the same issue xD)

I wasn't able to replicate this bug in my playtesting, and since it only happened to you once, it's likely an issue with the browser version/newgrounds keeping the collision disabled even after a cutscene has ended. if it happened consistently instead, then it'd be just my poor programming most likely lol

if you got the same bug, please try reloading a previous save file. it's a good idea to always keep more than one save file too instead, specially since this is an early access game. sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have fun <3

The representation *chefs kiss*
The confusion *chefs kiss*
The perfect amount of difficulty *chefs kiss*

The only thing I can even think of that would remotely disinterest me is the spelling and grammar errors, but there were just a few and did not take away the meaning of any of the text.

That aside, I was literally squealing the whole time playing this. How are all the characters so cute?! I love it!

Tiagoxningenjanai responds:

OMG OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! <3
But yeah, no matter how many times I playtest, there are always some spelling errors that I let slip (and English isn't my first language, sorry ;-;). But I'm always fixing a bunch of them every update so yeah. Hopefully one day it's gonna be perfect xD

And thanks again for playing my little game. Really!

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2021
2:23 PM EDT
  • RPG Maker