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after centuries of technological developement mankind became dependant on their achievements. immense computer networks were necessary to process huge amounts of data - essential data.
these networks were finally merged, controlled by one big mainframe, for the sake of higher productivity. this worked out well, until the mainframe got out of control. the reason for this s unknown, the only thing that is known are the consequences: Chaos, and the end of mankind.
the only way to get the mainframe back under control, is a temporary shutdown.

for better performance: go to the options/control menu and set screensize to small, [Q] toggles quality, arrow keys to play forward and backward. [M] to get back to the main menu.


Well, I hope you'll like it, took me very long to make this one...
watch, enjoy, vote and review!


Pretty Good.

But the music was horrible.

Not bad!

Not bad at all nice work 9/10

not fuckn bad

hell this was pritty damn good. the music was ok.. not my choice i would have picked like.. some thing from Marylin Manson or Coalchamber.. Tho me not being the heavy dark metal kind.. it gets a 9 from me.


I loved the Matrix-style action and the combination of technology (the guy blasting away with his laser gun thing) and martial arts skill (the guy dodging around, jumping and smashing into his enemies, and spiking them with his arm blade). But even though I liked the text parts (like the scanning of the hero and the core server shutting down) the hero-scanning thing went way too fast (fortunately I could read it with the AWESOME rewind and fastforward) and the server shutting down didn't really feel like actual troubleshooting text (except for "Connection failed.")
Overall, this could be the trailer for a real movie - it's too short to actually be the movie, and the intro would have to be turned into a scene where the characters and the dilemma of the crashing mainframe are introduced.

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Most unique special fx I've seen in a while

I love how ingeluitive the special effects were and the movie was almost flawless. My only problem was that the character has a very flashy look to it. Like flash the program. What I mean is that he is too stiff and the paper cutout look may not serve a tallented artist and animator such as yourself much longer if you plan to improve. Try to make your characters a bit more realistic and make your characters a bit more agile. If you keep having them in rigid positions it will become diffacult for you enemy characters to take the protagonists seriously. He could do most of the same things you had him do if he was in several casts so try a bit of fbf once in a while for those really cool scene that require human joints. Other than that issue I'd say you have an amazing flash that will continue to entertain NG users faithfully for quite a while. This is a highly recommended film.

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Feb 6, 2003
12:41 PM EST
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