One of THOSE days...

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Ever had one of those days...?

You know, one of those days when you're pissed off at everything and The World just goes along its merry, jolly, bouncy way? Don't you wish you could do something about it?

This one is dedicated to you.

The characters here are simple; they're just circles, and not a sprite was touched in the creation of this movie...unlike the others I'm known for, this one's drawn.

I actually KEYFRAMED the ball bouncing... '_' From start to finish, this movie took me about two hours to make. I think the soundtrack took awhile to zero in on. Drop a review, if you please.

'0' Daily 4th Place?! I've never gotten any of THOSE before...! I must've done something right this time...
A no-go on my sprite movies, but 4TH PLACE with a CIRCLE CARTOON?! Woa.
Thanks for your support and reviews!

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That creepy j-pop makes me angry too

Short but very sweet, and your frame-by-frame was seamless, I like a person who doesn't rely on tweens 100 percent. It gets the message across very clear, and if I may, I would like to interpret this as "Hey everyone out there who's happy and smiley, the world isn't that great right now, so stop with your creepy giggly crap and get real." Good work, and I'd like to see something more, just for the sake of being able to enjoy a few bites of popcorn. =P This gets a 5 and a 10, keep it up!

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Thanks for an awesome review.

Actually, I love music like that, that's why I thought it would be a perfect 'annoying' song to back up Red's rising anger.

I liked it very much.. but...

ok.. FIRST of all. I want you immature moron idiots to read this first part. Yes... those of you that can't review anything with more than 4 words, with including "gay" or "fuck" as at least half of the 4 word sentance, and for those that say "This sucks, you need to work on your flash" I have a simple few words that you people can no doubt understand. "Fuck.... You.."

First of all people who tell this guy to work on his flash... most of you HAVE no flash. Therefore you have no idea how kinda difficult it is to MAKE things move this fluidly and animate things this well. Especially when it's FRAME ANIMATED!. I doubt that many of you "5 second reviewers" that have even TRIED Flash even know how to up the frame rate. This IS animated nicely. Not the really bad and crappy 96% of NG submissions that have a ugly drawn guy with MS paint drawn limbs attached to an ugly, stump of a body that looks like you drew him with a mouse during a severe bout of epilispy, or blobby shapes using the oval tool connected to form some kind of man. And btw this DOES have a story. It's just a very simple one. If you're a reviewer that can't understand this simple "story" than what does that say for your OWN powers of observation? I mean.. geez.. ignorant morons that think they are great reviewers while still unable to write a complete sentance are really pissing me off. Alot. Becuase there are obviously so MANY of you 8 year olds out there. And on this very site. Which you all flock to, and give your armchair opinions on real talent that is ultimatly irrelevant.

Ok, now this part is for Dynakyris to read........

That was pretty good. You can probably tell by now that i feel like going through and reviewing a bunch of your stuff, cause i don't have much to do tonight. (and becuase i'm a fan.)

A nice, well done, stylish quickie that evokes a quick, mood, and gets a definate point across. You should be proud that you've been able to touch a never with some people and give them a quick movie that everyone can relate to. I mean.. i certainly do. Like, take for instance all of the 8 year old, mentally handicapped reviewers on NG. THEY are the white balls of the world. Maybe in the next movie you should add a pair of "blue balls" ..you know, so that the reviewers that trash your stuff and can't make their OWN stuff will have something to suck on that they are familliar with. ;) That way, they can relate to a work of yours as well. hehehe.

Anyway, sorry for using your very very decent flash as a fourm for my tirade. I'm just so sick of know-it-alls who know NOTHING trash someones TALENT.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

I love your long reviews. :O Right on with the ass-blastouts.

As I've said before I too am quite surprised that this little struck out such a loud chord. No sprites either, and it was done in all of 2 hours! Whatthefff!

Ey, man. Love the new Parodius bunny avatard! Gimme a holler on IMers sometime.


only if i could do that on "those" days =(

wow...... what can i say?

ive had those kinda days......... i just liked the totally random violence

You know me all to well

That's definitly how I feel on one of those days & most days. uh where can I find the music? keep it up.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

E-mail me. I got that uncontrolled substance you /neeeeeed/, and I ain't afraid to spread it around. ;]

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3.55 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2003
12:30 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place February 6, 2003