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Author Comments

*Note: This game is best played when the browser is zoomed out to 75% or smaller. If you're experiencing issues with the embed being too zoomed in, try this out!


In a virtual reality world structured much like internet chatrooms, four kids explore and transmit messages and files to their newfound friends. They must go through a series of challenges and mini-games to successfully transmit these messages to sustain their relationships. If they fail at any of the mini-games, the messages will be distorted and they may not correctly communicate what they intend to tell their new friends.


Complex.net is a 2D adventure game with point-and-click elements. There are many mini-games included ranging from quick-time events to puzzles, and even some learning Japanese!


This project was created for Global Game Jam 2018 (meaning we created it in under 48 hours). The entire game and all of its artwork were created in a single weekend by my brother and I.


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Nice little jam project 3/4 of the minigames where fun and well made albeit a bit short.
Art and writing was good, with multiple possible endings for the mini games.
Rundown of minigames:
gai saku (japanese) Before part 2 it froze the first time I tried it and was the instructions for the scott ragger segment the second time. Except for that it worked well.
zandra Zaku (Button matching) also work well but because I can not get enter to work for some reason on my 4 plays of this, I am stuck with 5/6 (Rank A)
Chosu eisu (timing) has some wierd timing. After failing badly twise, I tried using a stopwatch and even that was way off on frames on my 5 plays/15 recordings with stopwatch we're talking 40-120 frames off each recording. Making it almost impossible to avoid failing why I said 3/4 games worked well (Not sure if this is the same for the download or just browser version.)
scott ragger (sakoban) game also worked well.
All in all a fun jam game, that make you wish it was longer. It's clear you have put effort into this.
Even with the flaws though It's really nice for a simple jam project so after some thought I will give it some slack with a 4. The extra endings just pushing it over 3,5 to 4 for me.
Re: Yea it is quite impressive for a fast 2 person Jam project, and hopefully you got a nice rank.
Could have been another half a star when released,
Still you had 3 years to fix most issues, or where all of the above due to web conversion.
Unfortunately think the bugs alone have to cap my review at 4/5 though.
All in all this is definitely an achievement.

Sarena responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely look into testing my games more in the browser, since it sounds like that definitely caused lag on some of the timing of the games that use those features. I appreciate you trying them out and letting me know details of how each game worked (or didn't work) for you, that helps with what I can do to improve in the future. Making a game in under 72 hours definitely is a challenge, and this being only my third time doing that, there's definitely a lot of areas looking back on that I could do better now though. Thanks for playing though and giving it a chance!

Has a lot of issues on Firefox.

Gair's challenge will play the first part, but then require you to play the other characters before you can complete the second, which will immediately give you a score of 1/4. If you don't get 4/4 characters correct on the first part of Gair's challenge, it will softlock you at the screen saying "X/4" when you try to start the next character's challenge, and if you do remember all 4 the japanese characters from the Black Cat test will overlay the game until you finish it. Pressing Enter on Chozu's challenge will skip trying to record and immediately give you a failing score.

A lot of work clearly went into this though. The art and planning for a longer story are evident and I would love to see what a longer game looks like.

EDIT: you may also want to look into the legality of using the publishing name "The Gek Games," as the Gek are one of the three major races in No Man's Sky and are probably protected by intellectual property laws.

Sarena responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I haven't done a ton of testing in the browser yet since this game was originally released as a download file on itch.io, so it's definitely good to know about these bugs. I'll look into what might be causing them.

The plan is to eventually post more of the games in this longer story as the weeks progress, since we've been making these GGJ projects for the past few years now, all revolving around the same central story that we started almost 20 years ago at this point.

And that's so interesting about No Man's Sky using that name! The Gek has been one of my characters since 2002, so it's always funny to hear about things like this popping up before officially finishing the story and publishing it, haha. But noted, thanks!

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2021
9:41 PM EDT
  • RPG Maker MV