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Combat Tournament Godot

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Author Comments

A stickfigure arena brawler. Fight your way through these competitors 

Controls are ingame. Gamepad Support. 

player1 controls

wasd = move

h = attack

j = special

k = block

u = grab

enter = pause

Fullscreen is in options!​

1.1 update

Fixed homerunbat blast crashing the game

added 4 players (3 to 4 only in versus mode)

added multi gamepad support

added more hats

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It's not really a bad game, I enjoy this :v

This game is fire, I love it! 😀

this demo is great all it needs is the feel and control of ct and ctl you nailed both of those games were my childhood and early teens im glad i got to see another post from you i know this is not finished but im sure you can do well and remake the game i think ct and ctl were amazing not only beacuse the gameplay was fantastic but also beacuse of the great sfx for jumping and attacking and Ect, the 3 main characters Home Run Bat Slaptastick and Of Course Double Range followed up by the 5 newcomers in Legends Andre YoYo Crazy Jay And Mr Red love every single one of them they are all great and i whould to see them present in this game The Campaign Of CTL Is Really Well Done so i whould love to see that plush some of those original assets from ct and ctl that whould be Awesome instead of the akward models that this demo has its not that they are bad by any means i know its still in the early stages also whould love to see the old ost return specificly from Ctl i that ost was banging and maybe some from classic ct this game needs CTL Controls Whould make it Much more Playable and then grabbing is just a bonus on top of the moveset Cant Forget About Black Chicken And redvsblue Slapstick Fight Slappyvs Hammy Tag Kill One Man Army Death Players 1+2 Elimination+2 invisible Enemies 1v1s and 2v2s all of these were honestly really Fun i Call The Gamemodes beacuse they change the rules of the match also whould love to see some form of online play feature if possible whould be a dream honestly but yeah the reason i loved both ct and ctl was beacuse of how unique it felt and being released in 2000s and how much personality the game has the vibes with these 2 game were just stunning for a flash game it feels stuck in the past but it still holds up today despite the countless bugs and issues ct and ctl hold a special place in my heart <3 so i would love to see the charm of the originals return here thats all i ask. this game could be the best image i could see from this game bring back the iconic designs of the characters that were astablished previously and home run bats beam special and all the others i whould love to see them get remade in this engine maybe prehaps some new characters shotgun seems like a pretty cool edition all tho his gameplay still feels unfinshed i can see a cool playstyle there being much more about ranged combat more then double range perhaps i love when it when the characters said stuff like YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! YOU ARE LAUGHING NOW!!!Slaptasticks DIE B**TCH Ninjas DIE YOU BAST*RD All Those were super Cool i Love Dum also the Final Boss Being An Ai Computer is A Cool af idea for a final boss and Death and Ownage and how basically everyone has a Name like a Nametag Reminding me Of Online Cod Name Gamer Tags
it was a really cool thing that you did with the names and also the Team Colors were awesome too home run but being able to tp was also cool i remember just spamming the tp button sometimes beacuse of the funny sfx it made and doing the rotating stick attack that whould cause the enemies to go airborne wich i could follow up with an air combo speaking of combos i loved the Anouncer Bring Him Back I loved every call out its from unreal tournament wich is cool also the serious sam music was cool too in general OST Was The Best and who could Forget Tony The Slaptastic and Homeless Jack I Love The designs Generally So the last thing is the Combo Game i need my grounded combos to tp air combos back I love putting enemies in the air Like Its A Dbz Game I love Home Run Bats Special He Just Laughs that also made me Chuckle Multiple Times if you Reached The End Of This Review I whould Just Like To Say Thank You Ongokiller50 For The Great Memories And These Awesome Duology Hopefully Trilogy. in The Future Cant Wait To See This Game Evolve Over Time this demo is good Just Needs that Polish Just Copy Stuff from CtL That Worked Also Shield doesnt work that well so i whould just love to have Just Dodge Back Instead of The Akward Shield anyway thats all i have to say review over.

Welcome to a review nobody asked for! :D
Came back 2 years later to see how CT GODOT holds up.
It's good; it has some decent combos though it needs some polishing and improvements:
Some bugs i found:
Blocking sometimes just doesn't work
When exiting a match to the menu screen; the game will just freeze.
All characters randomly do their specials sometimes; instant death for the player.
Colors are kinda weird; characters like bluebox look a little strange.
Some things the game needs:
Lots of sprites need some polishing done: CTL's artstyle kinda would make the game feel a lot better; while the sprites used now are pretty decent; i think they could use an improvement(The running looks kinda goofy lmao)
More combos: HRB & Shotgun don't have that much combos; leaving them sorta unfinished and being easy to kill as bots; Slaptastic & Double-Slap Bat are good; their bots are diabolical as fuck though- blocking almost every hit.
Lastly: Specials: HRB's Special is fine but; it should be able to pierce through the opponent instead of disappearing once it hits them just like CT & CTL's
Shotgun's Gun Range & Special should be much larger.
Slaptastic is good; So is Double-Slap Bat.
Also: Bring Double-Range back; he was goated :')
Anyways: Overall; Great game; just needs polishing

Edit: It's cool ongo lol; this game is fire though; it is only some suggestions and bug pointing out :')

Ongokiller50 responds:

I only work on this for few weeks. It was for a itch jam. I wanted to see how a modern game engine hold up. This not supposed to be like ct. It's supposed to be a new direction. I have discovered animating in Godot is not ideal for polishing. Ct had no sprites it was all vector based. This has sprites.

Not bad for a Godot remake. Tho it could use a little more polishing to look as faithful to the original Combat Tournament.

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2021
7:11 PM EDT