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Escape From Retro 8 Bit Castle

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"Well endowed hero"

.... So.... that wasn't my sword?

blombluss responds:

Oh Gawd! :D I'll leave it as 'ambiguous'! :)

Ok I dont want you to be discouraged in any way here cause I know I personally dont know crap about actual game programming. But I really just gave it my best try and it feels a bit janky. Maybe Im not doing something right but the big fire breathing frog boss seems impossible. The style here is nice, simple atari looking stuff and while I cant figure out what comes after fire breathing frog the enemy designs are cool. I got good enough I could make it to the frog while taking 0 damage but its impossible to dodge his fire for very long and it seems like you mostly have to get lucky and hope he does not hit you. But thus far in about 20 tries I am leaning on space to spam fire on it and the frog just wont die. I noticed , and this is a less consequential thing, spam firing at the flying green space invader bugs causes their half complete death animation to keep flying at you and damage you. I can tell you put a good amount of work into enemy design though and its cool to see every room has different enemies just in what little I have seen so far. I feel like maybe the player could use a slight speed boost but Im also just spit balling off the top of my head right now ways to make the frog fire dodgable. If Im not even supposed to be trying to kill the frog or something though feel free to call me an idiot tho and sorry if Im coming off as pretentious or something typing out this giant essay to you like I think Im some big shot game critic. If you make some changes or if I am doing something wrong here let me know and Ill change the review up however, I hope you go far friendo.

Edit: OK so I was thinkin bout that game for a few days and felt like I was too harsh and that maybe JUST MAYBE it could have been that I suck or something (also idk why I was calling that thing a frog cause it looks more like a salamander now that I see it again) long story short I came back and just kept trying and realized I could in fact dodge the fire and that I was just going about it stupidly. Sorry for the low rating before, Im only sad it has to end for now at that boss. Gonna keep checking back for more.

blombluss responds:

Hiya! Yeah, it's definitely waaaaaay janky! :D I'm not much of a programmer, and what you see there is about as good as I can manage! :D You make some good, constructive, and helpful points, and I very much appreciate the feedback, squire! *thumbs up*

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2021
3:02 PM EDT