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Human is the one who shapes and destroys life

2D/3D Animation — OVERTRY

3D Modeling and texturing — OVERTRY

3D Model rigging — KrisprDZ

Voice acting — Mr. Sarge, 8BitAnt

Music — MonoCronic

Sound design — CturiX Kemilon

Thumbnail art — OVERTRY

Extra — Awez

Special thanks to: 3vilTroto, ALPHA, Azono, Blackhole Studios, Chub, cynzahd, D. Crow, ILAN-IB13, Jinxsaw, KILL;JOY, ROPH, SM28, Scorpack, SentryTurbo, Shadz, Stefan Ocean, Strightning, Tarraka Sprichwort, Zapchon

Youtube version: youtube.com/watch?v=R57kJ0ImiVI&ab_channel=OVERTRY

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Wait is this a game?

TheAnnoyingDog12 responds:

MadFPS 2

OVERTRYng responds:

MadFPS 2

Nice voice acting, and an exciting teaser.

Hank bout to get replaced

I have to admit this wasn't great. It was still passable. I just didn't like how there was no killing. I did enjoy seeing how unique everything looked. I like the idea of testing equipment. Well, it was a test for everyone involved!

I expect more from "Madness Combat". It was just nice for a short cartoon. I really did like that paper at the beginning. It was nice to see something CGI. It at least had an authentic feel.

fuck, this looks promising!