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TF2 GMOD Compilation

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Hi again. So i wanted to post my favorite TF2 GMOD video i made 2015-2016 and 2018. 

Back at the day, when my username was Nikit2111, but in late 2018 i change my username to feel more original.

I started make GMOD video in autumn 2013, it's actually really bad and some part of these video i

cut out some audio to avoid copyright material. I originally planned to end GMOD video in 2016, but

after i saw Soldier Dispenser Collab announcement by Raxxo, i decide to make slilly short video in 2018.

Fish 27_08_2015


Crash Twinsanity - High Seas Hi-Jinks

Super Kirby's Adventure - Get the Star Rod!

John Fiddy - Playing with Toys

Fez - Death (Vibrato)

Mario Land - Muda Kingdom

Mega Man 8 - Boss Appearence

Mega Man 1 - Cut Man Stage (Sega Genesis Remix)

Mega Man X3 - Intro Stage (Genesis Remix)

Hat 06_09_2015


(Koji Kondo) Super Mario Bros. - Underground Theme

Mega Man X2 - Morph Moth Stage

Heavy vs Wobbuffet 28_11_2015


(Gregory Semenov)A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars - Enemy Base

Final Fantasy VI - The Decisive Battle

Soldier in Game Over 19_03_2015

This video i made, when i got dreamed after watching Batman game over screen.

Bucket 27_03_2016

This one is my favorite


(Pixel) Cave Story - Toroko's Theme

(Pixel) Cave Story - Eyes of Flame

Jun.A - Greenwich in the Sky

Left 4 Dead 2 - Rocket Ride

Left 4 Dead 2 - Germs

Soldier Fail (Soldier's Dispenser Collab Entry) 23_02_2018

This video i made for Raxxo's collab, tried to make more chaotic.


EarthBound - Home, Sweet Home

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror - Forest - Nature Area

EarthBound - Smiles and Tears

Pokemon Black & White - Gym Leader Battle

Luigi's Mansion - Professor E. Gadd's Lab

Jump Ultimate Stars - Tournament Mountain (Kinikuman)

Super Mario RPG - Victory

Super Mario Galaxy - Staff Roll

MW3 S.A.S - Defeat Theme (Mission Failed)

Tea 28_10_2015


(Laura Shigihara)Plants vs. Zombies - Moongrains

Ren and Stimpy - Dramatic Impact #2

(Gregory Semenov)A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars - Ruines

Star Control II - Dynaari

(Gregory Semenov)A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars - Neutral Base

Hat Sea Battle 21_06_2016

This one is my peak of GMOD machinimas and my second favorite.


Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Cave Man

Soul Calibur III - No Regrets

Soul Calibur III - Wings of Despair

Soul Calibur III - Time Marches on

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sonic & Knuckles - The Doomsday Zone

(Kunning Fox) Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver - Bicycle Theme Remastered

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ahh, TF2...

what a wonderful day to have eyes

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Sep 17, 2021
7:34 PM EDT
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