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The Blightress

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This lonely elf girl has a power she cannot control: anything she touches, she destroys. Before losing all hope in her life’s purpose, she meets a direcalf: a small, fragile creature with a curious nature, who has just lost his mother while searching for truffles. She grows to love him- and battles her inability to touch him.

Thanks for viewing my graduating film! iu_419384_7944808.png

This film couldn't be possible without all the people who helped me bring it to the finish line !

edit: @sveekins remastered the audio so you can hear all the goodness : D

theres a lot i wanted to add and polish to this film, but amongst online school, moving in and out and having only a few months to crank out a film, im just happy to have something finished, and it couldnt have been done without my friends' help.

i figured at some point i just have to upload this and move on to new endeavors, and hopefully under somewhat normal circumstances i can really express the way i wanted this one to come out, thanks for all the nice words and understanding !

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This whole video is perfect! Great characters (even the minor ones such as the pixie), the setting and background were so vivid and very detailed, the VA who played the elf girl did an amazing job at voicing her, the animation was very smooth, and the music was very lovely and set the mood for the video. This video is perfection. I could tell that you and all the ones who contributed to this video, including the animators, the writers, the inspiration, and all the others, had put yall heart into this. This video was beautiful, but also sad.

This whole video gets 10/10 for all the hard work put into it

your story is very nice.This is a very nice story, but I feel that it doesn't have much to do with the month of fear.


i need ending now (every single person that rates negative is in my death note)

Wow...when I first saw this, I was thinking it might be too cutesy. It certainly got a lot more serious! I was amazed at how wonderfully detailed it was. That animal looked like a capybara. Yeah, look that up! I had no idea who these characters were, but boy, did you create an amazing world.

It's nice to know so many people can be credited now. I know a lot of effort was put into it. It wasn't just voice credits, there was only one character voice! I wasn't even expecting that. It got literally quite deep. I hope you get a fine career out of this!