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The Jimmy Laden Show - Episode 1

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On the first episode of The Jimmy Laden Show, we talk to The Pog Champ (a.k.a. Gaylord Wilson).

This episode is sponsored by Space brand Lemon-AIDS.

Voice Acting by Billy Shears, Corey LeVier and Speakonia

Music by Jason Shaw on Audionautix.com

Song Titles: "Big Horns Intro", "Feel Good Feel", "Grande Vista", "Big Blues", "Double Blues" (I, Kutay, may have put sound effect(s) while these songs were playing, which aren't a part of the music itself.)

License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode

Music by Kutay Coşkun

Song Titles: "Drum Polo" and "Space Ranger Intro"

Sound Effects by Orangefreesounds.com, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera and Kutay Coşkun

A KutayKomiks and Punk Cartoons production. punkcartoons.com

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This was nice

So I have to say this was nice I like the whole tv host element here would love some added subtitles on this flick and more episodes of course but I had fun with this little film here make more.

as suggested some added subtitles


Kutaykomiks responds:

Thank you for your comment! Some people might not prefer to see subtitles on the actual video file but I would personally like to add subtitles to the cartoon (in English and Turkish) if Newgrounds ever adds a subtitle button where you can turn them on and off.

Dipshit! I like this. The backgrounds are simple but look cool.

Kutaykomiks responds:

Thanks Danny!

I think I liked the space-aids segment a little bit better than the Jimmy Laden segment mostly because I liked the way the characters were drawn. (Kind of reminds me of Matt Groening's "Life in Hell")

Other than that I thought some of the jokes fell flat and sometimes the animation needed a little more time in the oven but it was always charming and I could tell that it was a labor of love. I would love to see more from the three of you again.

(I also think the music and voice acting is really well done)

Kutaykomiks responds:


@MadnessFan539 Dude, I'm 12 Years old & I Watch Rick & Morty, Maybe you are older than Me and Hate this Thing and I love it even I'm Older Than You and I Watch this things

Jimmy Laden More Like Bin Laden, Also There Is Too Much Swearing You Racist Sailors It's All Weird And Stupid And Y'all Curse Too Much Why Can't You Make E - Rated Animations Huh. 👎🏻

VoicesByCorey responds:

Spoken like a simple minded 13 year old. Kid, you have no business being on this site. You offer no constructive feedback in your pointless reviews and you have no sense of creative insight. Calling us racist when there wasn't one racist thing said in the cartoon. If you've got a hard on for only E-Rated content, filter all the other content out and stick to it. If you're too simple minded to figure that out though, just leave Newgrounds. There's no business for little trolls like you on this site

BillyRedSnake responds:

Kid, if you don't shut the hell up I'm gonna delete your Roblox account and get you banned from Fortnite.
My dad owns Microsoft and he can have all your computers bricked before you can say rhubarb, that is assuming you can say rhubarb in the first place.

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3.56 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2021
5:49 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place September 10, 2021