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Wired To The Moon

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Author Comments

Drive your space elevator to the moon along the tether. Don't get hit by asteroids and don't let your oxygen run out. Be mindful, your space elevator will slow down at the bends!

Originally made for the 1st One Minute Game Jam on Itch.io.

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Nice graphics/sounds and a clever, original mechanic. But two things I really dislike: the difficulty gradient is not well-designed (can't we start easy and work up to something hard?) and the complete reliance on luck. There are courses with far too many twists and turns, and especially if there are twists on the far-left of the screen you have zero warning of oncoming asteroids. Similarly, long horizontal sections are a matter of chance alone - if a fast asteroid comes when you're half-way across, that's the end of you. So in that case you really have no control over what happens and no skill is involved. (And a third complaint...no WASD or similar? EDIT I know not everyone is a fan of WASD, like people with AZERTY keyboards instead of QWERTY, so I'm fine with some other control scheme or ability to set keys manually, but using arrow keys only is a pain on some laptops)

DMG-84 responds:

Thanks, I made it in 3 hours for a one minute game jam, so no starting easy. It was hard to balance the difficulty with the variability in the path. Not sure what you mean by the 'or similar' part with reference to WASD. I plan on putting together an update with static levels with deterministic asteroids so it's exactly the same each run.

Like the idea, but the amount of time it takes to go around curves makes you way too vulnerable and i'm fairly sure this game is impossible without insane luck

Cute <3

well, this one is too hard for me. or maybe R.N.G. gods are just making fun of me today. if i may suggest for further development- make paths fixed in separate 40+ levels (so you would be able to retry it). maybe that way i would complete the journey successfully at least once. and the music is terrible, but i see this game is for the jam, so i understand why...

DMG-84 responds:

Thanks, an update is planned.

> the music is terrible

i beat it
good game
holy shit you gotta get lucky though
those asteroids can suck my dick

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2021
5:32 PM EDT