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Batty Feed Frenzy

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(Mainly Keyboard, Player 1 can use joypad)

1 Player Mode: Move = W,A,S,D // Attack = Left Shift or Q

2 Players Mode

- 1P) Move = W,A,S,D // Attack = Left Shift or Q

- 2P) Move = Arrow Keys // Attack = Right Shift or '


Music has evolved a species of bats living in a cave near a concert venue to have the ability to stun with an attack of sound. You are a bat within this colony and you are competing in the mating ritual and yearly competition to become the champion. Race against a foe in frenzied, 5 level battle for the champion crown or race a friend to see who is the true champion. Race for the flies and the first one to reach to goal amount wins!

A game where you race and battle 1 vs 1 (VS CPU or 2Players) to be the first one to reach the goal amount. 


This game was created for practice, motivation and a challenge. I recently injured myself and am looking a long term recovery, I have set forth the challenge of working more in order to learn as much as possible during this recovery. 

This game was create following the rules of this Game Idea Generator I found. iu_411022_9778356.webp

<Link for generator: http://ygd.bafta.org/resources/game-idea-generator >

Given the randomness of these rules, I tried a few ideas out, all racing concepts ended up bland and I wasn't able to come up with a prototype. I rethought out the concept of race and made this game a race to reach a score. Added 2 Players last minute.

I am willing to update with enough interest, mostly looking for feedback and will apply an update later. Remember this was for practice and not at all intended to be anything but a fun free way to kill a few minutes :) 

Audio License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Windows, Linux and Mac versions available on my itch page

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Pretty fun game for something you did just for learning! How long did it take you to put together?

It was a fun mechanic to have to decide whether I wanted to dash for the next target or try to strategically stun my opponent (while avoiding being stunned myself). I can imagine this being really fun to play with another human player, especially with a few tweaks that make it more strategic (like if the stunning was directional, then it creates this super fun mind game: my opponent knows I want to dash to the target, so they can fire in that direction, but if I know this, then I may take a roundabout slower way to stay safe...but that gives them a chance to get it before me!!!)

One easy thing you can improve is making the flies spawn within a boundary. A lot of times they spawn almost completely off the edge of the screen, and I couldn't see it, and just saw the enemy going to the edge of the screen, and that felt unfair.

GraeBush responds:

Much appreciation for playing my game! Hope I was able to give you a few minutes of fun.

I spent about 10+ hours, over 3 days making this. First 2 were completing the brunt of it about 4 hours a day for those 2, and then the last day was playtesting, tweaking and polishing. It was fun to challenge myself with those restrictions and I am glad I was able to turn something playable.

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback my friend, it always helps.
-Originally I had the attack on a charge that would be bigger the longer you held it, but I removed it after playtesting. I could put it back in, but make it throw an attack when charged, like you suggested. Maybe make it bounce off the walls? Great idea Omar!
- I will look into the fly spawning off screen issue, do you know what resolution you played in? This was tested from 1920 x 1080 and I was aware the fly sometimes spawned behind the score sometimes, but always was on screen, I can test other resolutions and try to fix it if this is an issue.

I may come back and overhaul this one day and remake a better version thanks to your input. Thanks again.

hey that wasn't bad i like it
the whole max points you need going up and down when you lose is annoying
but there's potential in this

GraeBush responds:

I greatly appreciate your feedback and the time you spent playing this game. I made it for practice with the rules of that idea generator, so the fact that you enjoyed it means a lot :). With that "one life only" rule, I tried to come up with some replay-ability with the random goal generation, thanks for the feed back on that. Perhaps I should have had the randomization only on level load itself and not level restarting death.

Thanks for stopping by and helping me grow and learn.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2021
3:18 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • Paint
Misc. Kit