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Madness: Last Chance 1: Restart

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NOTE: When i did this episode a few weeks ago, it was my first Madness animation ever, so it was the best thing i could do. I'll release a remastered version soon, i'm very sorry for the video quality too, it lagged while i recorded it so i needed to use it out of full screen. I am not worried if this get blammed, i am a better animator now. I can remake the full episode in a better version, but this will take a little time!

ANOTHER NOTE: Since i used a 96MB WMV, i don't know if it'll work. Please, tell me, so i can do more animations like these without trouble

Madness: Last Chance

EPISODE 1: Restart


Tricky the Clown was entirely remade, but he now wants revenge for his defeat. Auditor is now being hunted.


Krinkels - Madness Combat

MadnessAnimator on Scratch

mimikyuinkling on Scratch for OST

Ok i've just noticed a reference the composer inserted in the music :|

I said this and i am saying it again: I'm not worried with a blam. I can remake it. Your feedback is really important for me! Doing that means that i can improve my animations, and be a better person in the community!

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continue diel


yeah it aint that good but what do you expect from a first
its all stiff and slow and shit and also the video is compressed for some reason

not bad man

DielzinKkk responds:

Thank you

Don't forget shell casings dropping on the ground, bullet trails, etc. There's a lot of MC animation fundamentals you glossed over. Make shorter animation tests that focus on the little things before tackling big project like this.

DielzinKkk responds:

I've been making some test recently and they're far better than this. Thank you for the feedback!

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Sep 3, 2021
9:35 AM EDT
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