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Read The Description

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This video is meant for Youtube comments, but I thought I'd share it here too!

Aseprite was used for the 2D visuals and Maya for the 3D visuals.

Special thanks to my friend Mario for the sick bass solo at 0:53, here's his Instagram:



Did you make this?

Did it take you too long?

What's the program that you used?

And what's the name of this song?

Do you speak Spanish?

What drugs did you take?

Is this a loop? Is this a game?

Is it entirely fake?

Questions repeating.

Attention is fleeting.

I make you a video.

You ask for the meaning.

Here's a secret that I know

Where your answers lie

There's a section down below

So maybe take my advice:

Read the description.

Read the description.

Read the description.

Read the description.

Did you die?

Are you dead?

Why haven't you posted?

Are you lazy?

Are you sad?

Does the bread need to be toasted?

(Not sung){

Is this based on real life?

Or is it just fiction?

Here's my suggestion:

Just Read the description.


I know you have a brain.

behind those eyes.

Reading is a pain.

But just give it a try.

What's a description?

Why a description?

Where's the description?

Read the description.


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how to u maek this vidoeo????/

is this a game or a movie? how did you make this? did you even make it? im skeptical.


this is amazing :0

I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time