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Author Comments

this is my entry for the 4 day game jam list

it follows the list items of

no visuals

written sounds effects

poop and pee colors only


and partially only one key

story time!

this game was a pain in the ass. i learned about this jam a day later bc i forgot to check NG, no only that but i had 2, 12 hr shifts back to back in the making of this game so the only time i had was sleep time, aka, i pulled 2 all nighters to get his shit done.

there is a total of 6 endings , 4000 words, and 183 pages. so have fun

the IDEA was that you would have to only press ">" and you would have a time window to press it again to allow for choices. i tried to make some JS for it but i couldn't get it working and so i wasted a day with that.

i ended up going with twine since it was literally made for this kind of thing BUT i couln't see how i was going to implement the single button idea so for now they are buttons, sorry about that

i chose those categories bc im still dogshit at actual game making so i though a text based adventure would be good. idk

there is probably going to be some spelling mistakes and im sorry.

i really tired to make the game as polished as a can but im exhausted and i really did not have the time.

i LIKED the game so im probably going to be making a better version in the future, when i have, y'now ... free time

you can actually play around with my story line,

visit my github repo, download the index file and go to twinery> use it online(top right)>import from file.

you can look at my horribly confusing layout, cheat and find ALL the endings like that, make your own spinoff, whatever.

any(many) ways, hope ya'll like it

edit:i updated teh ability to replay. it was never my intetion to only allowed one ending, i just thought that reloading the ng site would reload the game, turns out, it doesnt. in any case, i fixed that, all you have to do is Press “>” to continue

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That was a interesting experiment, not sure i agree with the decision to prevent replays, probably should have paid more attention at the beginning but i didn't know i could play it only once, i was having fun just repeatedly saying no expecting the dialogue to run out or loop, instead i made him quite sad... I feel like it cut off half the plot because of my silly decisions at the beginning.
Also i think there were slurs? Didn't offend in the context they were used, just seemed a little excessive, they didn't add much

anymany responds:

blocking off the ability to replay wasn't on the list, i just forgot to test the ability to reload the site. you should now be able to replay it at the ends.

i'm not too happy with how it sounded either. i think it sounded more impactful to my sleep deprived mind. that was the last path i added so i think when i though about what to include and what not to include, i forgot what information was given in that path. i think the dialogue makes more sense when you go through all the paths.

i was kinda scared of this happening because since i was running really low on time, i didn't have ANY play testers so ya'll ended up being my guineapigs, sorry about that.

i lost because i was an ass lmaoooo

anymany responds:

meanie. you should be able to replay the game at the ends

Double-click this passage to edit it.

and? not working! i told him that his mom sounds lovely and hethrow me into dark realm!


anymany responds:

i can't believe i forgot to connect that node. thank you, should be working now

i was mean and i liked it

anymany responds:

you monster. btw, i fixed it so you can get other endings now

Dang, reloading doesn't work. I wish I could have seen the other storylines, but to be fair, I was and ass. For being so truthful, 4 stars.

anymany responds:

my bad, i didnt test if reload would work, i just assumed it did, just fixed it

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2021
8:23 AM EDT