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S01E00 - The Road To War

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A timeline showing events that led up to the outbreak of hostilities on June 9th 1989.

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Sure glad I caught this. It's a shame I didn't catch your earlier works, or maybe I did - life's unfair at times. Will say this though, it's work like yours that's kept me on Newgrounds for over 20 years, and I'm damn glad of it.

I can't imagine how hard you've had to work to produce these episodes, all I know is, the effort shines through on all fronts. As someone who was alive in the 1980's, I can sure see how this alt-timeline could have come about.

Wishing you well Lewis, thank you! Wow... it's funny and odd that I had to question Rust's actual existence, but that, was a long time ago, and have since taken many things for granted.

lewisroscoe82 responds:

Thanks so much man, really kind words there. Yep lots of effort, but I enjoy it all so doesn’t feel like work. Definitely catch the Facebook page, I do heaps of updates there, working on ep4 atm.

America has a moron as their President. Mainstream Media rigged the 2020 Presidential Election by sabotaging Trump's Presidency with a Russia Collusion lie. They pushed that lie until the idiot population believed it to be the truth. Americans die in Afghanistan with Dementia Joe's quick pull out of Afghanistan. Allowing the Terrorists to feel empowered.

Good historical information, not sure what the purpose of it is though?

lewisroscoe82 responds:

Hi decampo, this is for an animated war drama series I am making 😁

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Aug 27, 2021
6:43 AM EDT